Letter: Campaign billboards moved

To the Editor,
People complain about all the campaign signs that line our streets during election season. Candidates complain that someone is “stealing” their signs as some disappear. However, in Harrison, the Republicans moved to a new level. First instance: The Joan Walsh Team billboard in West Harrison, on Lake Street near Donahue’s store, was erected the week of Labor Day. Part of the Walsh Team billboard is now blocked by an Astorino billboard which was installed later. Then, a Belmont sign was installed on top of the Walsh Team sign, and indeed their supports were screwed onto the Walsh sign supports. After a complaint to the chairperson of the local Republican Party, the Belmont sign was moved to stand alongside the Walsh sign.

In the second instance, the Walsh Team got permission from “Lou” of LaVigna’s Garage to install their second billboard on garage property at the intersection of Halstead Avenue and Macy Road. Then one night: “Oops” A change. There is now a Belmont sign where the Walsh Team billboard had stood for several weeks, and the Walsh Team sign has been re-installed several feet further away from the corner.

Walsh wouldn’t move her own team signs. When asked, Mr. Belmont and Mr. Cannella both denied any knowledge of anything at all about any signs. Guess the goblins and witches did it.

Pat Vetere,
Former Harrison councilman