Letter: Bramson future, a dangerous one

To the Editor,

In his TV ad “We Care,” Westchester County Executive candidate Noam Bramson lays out an abridged version of his vision for the future of Westchester County’s children; the only problem is that his future is one of inconsistency and danger.

In his ad, Bramson says he is a proponent of “a woman’s right to choose” (read: abortion), and stronger “gun safety laws,” and then has the nerve to say that this is the Westchester he wants for our children. I’m sorry, but those two viewpoints show that Bramson doesn’t care about our children the way he claims to. Please, Mr. Bramson, tell me, how in the world does abortion—or a mother’s right to choose abortion—benefit children in any way at all? Short answer, it doesn’t. Abortion by definition is the killing of a child in the womb; and even if you don’t think that the life being destroyed by abortion is a child, there is no way the destruction of “a blob of cells” benefits the children of Westchester.

I challenge Mr. Bramson to explain to the voters how a mother’s right to an abortion would make a better future for Westchester’s children.

But, Bramson’s inconsistencies weren’t finished with abortion. Bramson also cites his support for “stronger gun safety laws,” which he thinks somehow would provide for a better future for our kids. Again, the problem is that this position is totally antithetical to a safer future. Take, for example, Chicago: It is one of the strictest cities in the nation when it comes to “gun safety laws,” and yet, according to the FBI it is now the murder capital of the United States. It’s staggering to think about. Chicago, despite its extremely strict gun laws, now has more murders than New York City.

But even if you want to put Chicago aside, just take the cases of Aurora, Colo., Sandy Hook, Conn., and the Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting. Both Sandy Hook and the Navy Yard are known as “Gun-Free Zones,” and the theater in Colorado is likewise, a no gun’s allowed business. It was in these areas of strict gun protection laws and rules that three of the most deadly shootings in recent memory took place. And, why do you think that is? Simply put Mr. Bramson, it is because the “gun safety” laws do nothing to stop criminals from obtaining guns and using them, but rather, puts others in harm’s way because they can’t protect themselves from the criminals.

Is that the future you want for Westchester’s kids Mr. Bramson? Because the children at Sandy Hook were murdered, not because gun laws were too loose, but because a psychopath walked into a place where the children’s caretakers and teachers were not legally allowed to carry the very thing that would have ended the massacre the soonest.. But instead, laws like the ones Noam Bramson advocates, prevented their adequate protection. Now, I’m not saying that Bramson has blood on his hands or anything—though he’d gladly imply that Robert Astorino does—but, what I am saying is that, advocating for gun laws that only help the criminal, certainly does nothing to keep our children safe.

This is the main problem with Noam Bramson; he says he has a future in mind for Westchester’s children, and then goes on to explain a future that promotes policies that would do nothing but put our kids in danger. If abortion and “stricter gun safety laws” are part of the future Bramson wants for our kids, then we as residents of Westchester should want no part in that future. When it is time to cast your vote for county executive in Westchester, the choice is clear; vote ‘yes’ for Rob Astorino, and say ‘no’ to Noam.


Aaron Reale,