Letter: Belanger, more than just a friend

To the Editor,

I am writing to share a personal anecdote about my recent experience working with school board candidate Karen Belanger, my friend of more than six years.

Members who are resourceful, versatile and are committed to representing their constituency best serve any leadership organization.

Belanger possesses these skills, which have significantly benefitted our parent body, our students and our faculty for the past three years. Belanger understands, firsthand, the inevitable changes and challenges facing school districts throughout New York State and has a proven track record of excellence right here in Rye.

I recently had the pleasure of working closely with Belanger as she chaired Midland School’s fifth grade play, “The Music Man.” Belanger was the liaison between faculty, parent volunteers and students. She brought a level of organization and attention to detail, which was rivaled only by her enthusiasm, kind manner and the ability to work with parents, faculty and students alike.

These tasks were accomplished with the precision, grace and kind manner, which is so uniquely her.

This production was a yeoman’s task, which she took in stride as she continued to work for and represent our district.

As a standing member of our current school board, Belanger possesses the experience and knowledge that make her a uniquely qualified candidate. As my friend and recent co-worker, I couldn’t agree more.


Stephanie Gardner,