Letter: An unpleasant surprise

Editor’s note: The following is an open letter sent to Eastchester Town Supervisor Anthony Colavita. 


Supervisor Colavita,

We were surprised to wake up on the morning of Friday, Sept. 27 to a garish sign on Bronxville’s former Alfredo Field regarding what we feel is a selective interpretation of Eastchester’s leash law. We understand this directive came from your office.

What has been a joy for a great number of responsible dog owners from Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe was suddenly stripped away in response to one single unfortunate, but not life threatening incident.

Moreover, Eastchester Police—who defer to Bronxville when called about fireworks or teen drinking in the field—have been standing guard for the past two mornings taking names and phone numbers of those in the field with their dogs. An aggressive position, given the personal responsibility of dog owners we have witnessed for more than 20 years. The open space is treasured and respected and a vital part of our community, bringing people from all three communities together with the common joy of having their canine companions run free.

As residents of Dusenberry Road and active participants in the effort to create and maintain the Nature Preserve, we are puzzled, saddened and disconcerted about your decision to so swiftly shut down this open space that is so important to dogs and their owners. We respectfully request that you reverse your decision. We look forward to your reply.


Nancy and Carlo Vittorini,