Letter: A Republican for Latimer



To the Editor,

As a registered Republican, I am writing in support of George Latimer’s re-election to the New York State Senate.

I have lived in Rye for a long time and met many fine people and officials, but no one has the long-term record of George Latimer. I can remember he was one of the fighters to save the Jay property 20 years ago and the leader who saved the No. 76 bus route back in the late 1990s that extended its life for another decade. He got the first state allocation of money for the sluice gate project to mitigate flooding of Blind Brook, and he has gone to bat for school aid to keep our property taxes from going even higher.

When I speak to other people around Rye and the conversation turns to George, they marvel at his energy and openness as well as his unfailing good humor with everyone. I do not know any elected official who shows more interest in working with Republicans and Democrats, together, in a reasonable and cooperative way than George Latimer.

I was far from impressed by his opponent’s entrance into electoral politics, when he criticized George and stated that, “I think it is extremely important to get that numerical majority of Republicans [in the Senate].”

What I believe is how extremely important it is to elect the best candidate to be our senator, someone who works for us as a community and puts partnership ahead of partisanship. That person is George Latimer, and I bet I am not the only Rye Republican who thinks that way.


Irwin Lefkowitz,