Letter: A Democrat for Maisano

To the Editor,
This Election Day, I’m voting for Jim Maisano for county legislator for New Rochelle and Pelham. Jim is independent, bipartisan and one of the most experienced members of the county legislature. I’m a Democrat supporting Jim Maisano because it’s always best to vote for the best candidate instead of voting for a party line.

Jim fights for lower taxes, safer neighborhoods, a cleaner environment and ethical government. These are issues that matter to me in this election. We need more leaders like Jim Maisano who recognize that we need solutions, not more politics. Jim works hard at bringing people together to address the issues facing Westchester.

Jim’s ability to work well with colleagues allowed him to reach across party lines to deliver $10 million to build the beautiful new ball fields at City Park. Jim also works hard at reaching out to constituents through his WVOX radio show and cable TV show. Jim has lived in New Rochelle for nearly 50 years and is raising his family here. He is involved in several civic groups and has coached his son’s soccer and baseball teams. Each year, Jim hosts one of the most successful Toys for Tots drives right here in our city during the holiday season.

Jim Maisano has an opponent this year, but Jim has earned our vote through his positive and innovate leadership. Please join me in voting to re-elect Jim Maisano on Election Day, Nov. 5.

Yolanda Valencia,
New Rochelle