Ice rink plan granted variance


Although it has obtained the zoning variance needed to proceed, Home Ice, LLC’s proposed ice rink on Marbledale Road is pending final approval by the Planning Board. Photo courtesy Google maps

The proposal to transform an unused warehouse in Tuckahoe into an ice rink inched closer to completion after the developer, Home Ice, LLC, received approval from the village for a zoning variance on Nov. 14.

The proposed site—200 M­arbledale Road—has only 10 on-site parking spaces, which, according to a Sept. 4 parking analysis by BFJ Planning, a planning and zoning consulting firm, would fall 10 spaces short during the peak hours of 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. This required a variance for the project to continue.

Home Ice, LLC’s attorney, Rocco Salerno, argued the missing 10 on-site parking spaces can be supplemented by the 73 on-street parking spots available around the building, which was also included in BFJ Planning’s traffic report.

The board granted the variance.

Parking was one of three issues raised by Tuckahoe’s Pl­anning Board. The other two were traffic and noise from the rink once it’s built.

BFJ Planning reviewed the traffic impact of the new ice rink and said the plan will generate 24 additional vehicles during peak hours, which it said will not have a significant impact to the neighborhood.

As for the noise concern, Salerno said HMB Acoustics, a company that specializes in acoustic engineering and consulting, reviewed the noise from the proposed structure, which plans to allow year-round use of the rink, and said it would not exceed the noise ordinances for Tuckahoe or the Town of Eastchester.

As an added preventive measure, architect David Barbuti, who was hired by Home Ice, LLC, said a black screen will enclose a small portion of the facility and serve as an extra noise buffer.

According to the proposal, the ice rink will be small—only 60 feet by 100 feet, which is approximately one-third the size of a regulation rink—and is intended for youth hockey and figure skating training purposes, as well as three-on-three hockey competitions.

In addition to the ice rink, a 28-foot by 40-foot ice pad will be built for one-on-one goalie and shooting training sessions.

The proposal also states there will be two changing rooms, an upstairs viewing area and a garage for a Zamboni, a vehicle used to clean the ice.

Construction of the ice rink is estimated to cost $250,000, all told.

Tuckahoe Mayor Steve Ec­klond, a Republican, and village residents said they were excited about the new rink.

“I hope the project is completed soon,” Ecklond said. “It’s good for the community and it’s in a great location.” During an Oct. 15 Planning Board meeting, Tuckahoe resident Lee Corcoran said he supported the proposal as it will give the local schools a practice facility.

Salerno said he will seek final approval for the project during the Nov. 19 Planning Board meeting.

Home Ice has already received approval for the project from the Town of Eastchester.

Attempts to reach Home Ice, LLC, were unsuccessful as of press time.