Marc Di Giacomo

Harrison police detective writes second novel


A retired Harrison police detective turned thriller novelist is back with the sequel to his award-winning book “In a Small Town.”

Marc Di Giacomo

Marc Di Giacomo

Marc Di Giacomo, 39, a longtime Harrison resident who joined the town’s police department in 1997 and became detective in 2007, based the Small Town series—“In a Small Town,” the sequel “Back in Town” and, eventually, a third book, “Last in Town”—on his experiences as a detective and used his knowledge of Harrison to create Hutchville, N.Y., a near carbon copy of the Westchester town.

Di Giacomo said he always had a passion for writing, and, after he retired in 2011, he began writing his memoir about his career as a Harrison police officer, which turned into “In a Small Town.”

“All of my work experience has given me an advantage with regard to not only the law and police tactics, but also to a variety of different encounters with people,” Di Giacomo said. “It is these experiences that find their way into the storylines of my book.”

Di Giacomo said his second novel will pick up where the first one left off.

At the end of Di Giacomo’s first book, apprehension sets in after Leonard Kepler moves to Hutchville from Manhattan and rapes a woman by the train tracks. The protagonist, Det. Matt Longo, learns the identity of the person who shot him in the novel’s first scene from FBI special agent Cynthia Shyler, and a romance between the two characters

“In a Small Town” was Marc Di Giacomo’s debut novel in his series. The second installment, “Back in Town,” was released this past June. Contributed photos

“In a Small Town” was Marc Di Giacomo’s debut novel in his series. The second installment, “Back in Town,” was released this past June. Contributed photos

Di Giacomo didn’t want to give away too many details about his second book, but he promised an action-packed first chapter like his previous novel and gave a brief overview of the sequel.

“Crime is on the rise in Hutchville, and a new character emerges into the mix, which causes some concern for members within the Hutchville Police Department,” Di Giacomo said.

He self-published his books through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing, and the print version of the book is published through CreateSpace.

“Self-publishing has really changed the publishing landscape, especially with the explosion of e-books. No longer does an author have to face an uphill battle on being discovered,” Di Giacomo said.

But the challenge of self-publishing and being an independent author is marketing, according to Di Giacomo.

“Getting the word out on your own is no easy task,” he said. “For me as a first-time author, I think I did a great job especially after hiring, which allows authors and publishers to offer deep discounts on their books and it’s emailed out to over a million subscribers.”

Di Giacomo said “In a Small Town” has been downloaded as an ebook more than 75,000 times since its release in November 2012, and he has become an Amazon best selling author. His debut novel also won the 2013 Orangeberry Book Expo Hall of Fame award for best thriller.

He now lives in South Salem, N.Y., with his wife Dina and his three sons. He’s currently working on the third and final book in the Town series and is working on creating an audio book for “In a Small Town” and screen adaptations for “In a Small Town” and “Back in Town.”