Election 2013 tidbits: Rye

Rye voters will have several choices to make at the polls next week. Locally, voters will cast their ballots for four open seats on the Rye City Council, including that of the mayor. It has turned out to be an entertaining campaign season, highlighted by the apparent disdain between mayoral election_circle1candidates Councilman Joe Sack, the Republican nominee, and Deputy Mayor Peter Jovanovich, an independent candidate. Archie Comics co-CEO Nancy Silberkleit has  thrown her hat in the ring, also running as an independent mayoral candidate.

Although the Democrats chose to sit this mayoral race out, the party did nominate two candidates for City Council seats, Meg Cameron and Shari Punyon. The two Democrats are challenging Republican candidates Councilwoman Julie Killian, Terry McCartney and Kirstin Bucci for three City Council seats. Jason Mehler is also seeking a seat on the City Council, running as an Independence Party candidate.

Rye voters also have an interest in their district’s county legislator with local elected official Councilwoman Catherine Parker seeking to replace retiring County Legislator Judy Myers, a Picture 4Democrat. Parker is facing off against John Verni, a Mamaroneck real estate developer and land use attorney. Parker’s road to November didn’t turn out to be as easy as first envisioned after being challenged for her own party’s nomination by former Mamaroneck Trustee Tom Murphy. Parker won the primary by little more than 100 votes.

Election Day is Tuesday, Nov. 5.

Election night headquarters

Renew Rye

City Council candidates Meg Cameron and Shari Punyon will be taking election night returns with Rye Democrats at the back room of Morgan’s Fish House, 22 Elm Place.

Supporters and volunteers are welcome to join us after 9 p.m. when the polls close. We look forward to a fun gathering, winning results and new voices for the Rye City Council.

Rye United

The Republican ticket consisting of mayoral candidate Joe Sack and City Council candidates Julie Killian, Terry McCartney and Kirstin Bucci will be stationed at Ruby’s Oyster Bar and Grill on Election Night. The slate will await the results of the election and along with supporters and staff. The party is slated to begin at 9 p.m.

Jovanovich for Mayor

There will be a gathering of friends and supporters of the “Jovanovich for Mayor” campaign at the Jovanovich home on Election Night, Nov. 5.

Team Parker

Democratic Councilwoman Catherine Parker hopes the second time is also a charm. Parker, vying for a spot on the county Board of Legislators, will await her election results at Bar’lees, 157 Mamaroneck Ave. in Mamaroneck. It is the same location Parker used during her successful Democratic primary in September against Tom Murphy. Supporters and friends are invited to attend beginning at 9 p.m.

Verni for legislator

Republican county legislator candidate John Verni will hold court at his Mamaroneck restaurant Club Car, located at 1 Station Plaza in Mamaroneck, on Election Night. Verni will be on hand prior to 9 p.m. to watch the results stream in live along with campaign staff, friends and family.

Questions about candidates or issues?

Find answers via online voter guides from the League of Women Voters’ at Vote411.org.

This year’s ballots include candidates for numerous local and county races plus six proposed amendments to the New York State Constitution.

Personalize your ballot: Before voting, you can create a personalized ballot at Vote411.org. Click on Vote411.org to find info on each candidate running for each position in your district.

Read up on proposed constitutional amendments: Find explanations for each of the six constitutional amendments. Click here for summaries, the wording that will appear on your ballot and the full text for each proposed amendment.

Be an informed voter on Nov. 5.