Eastchester awarded a contract to Canal Asphalt, Inc. to resurface the town’s roads. File photo

Eastchester roadwork underway


Canal Asphalt, Inc. has begun resurfacing the Town of Eastchester’s streets and will do the same for Tuckahoe and Bronxville come summertime.  

During the May 20 Eastchester Town Council meeting,   Canal Asphalt, along with Tony Casale, Inc., which will fix the town’s curbs, was officially awarded the bid, and the contract was finalized shortly thereafter.

Eastchester awarded a contract to Canal Asphalt, Inc. to resurface the town’s roads. File photo

Eastchester awarded a contract to Canal Asphalt, Inc. to resurface the town’s roads. File photo

As part of the capital budget, Eastchester will pay $600,000 to resurface its streets and $100,000 to replace sidewalks and curbs, which Eastchester Highway Superintendent Hector DiLeo said is about the average amount of money per year the town spends on fixing its roads and sidewalks.

DiLeo said, because funding is limited, the town can only resurface about three miles of roads per year.

“We try to hit every section of the town,” DiLeo said. “The fact is all the roads are bad, but there’s only so much money…If we keep doing a little bit every year, we’ll eventually catch up.”

Despite the harsh winter this past year, DiLeo said the roads are only slightly worse than previous years. Most of the major road repair work came in the form of pothole repairs over the spring, according to DiLeo.

The $600,000 worth of roadwork is only for Eastchester roads, but Tuckahoe and Bronxville will piggy back the town and use the Mount Vernon-based paving contractor to fix their roads as well.

Both villages will pay for its own street resurfacing.

Bronxville set aside $450,000 in its capital budget for this project, and Tuckahoe budgeted $110,000 in its 2014-2015 budget to resurface its roads.

Tuckahoe Mayor Steve Ecklond, a Republican, said the village annually updates a list that rates the conditions of each village street using a one-to-five scale, with five signifying work needing to be
done immediately.

“The idea is to work on the areas that need it the most, and we also try to do a major artery road like Columbus Avenue every year,” Ecklond said.

Ecklond said road resurfacing work typically starts in August. Before resurfacing begins, he said the village will fix its curbs but will use a different landscaping company.

For the Eastchester work, Canal Asphalt, the Mount Vernon-based paving contractor that’s been used by the town for about 30 years, was the lowest of three bidders—including the Mount Vernon-based PCI Industries Corporation and the New Rochelle-based ELQ Industries, Inc.—that responded to an RFP sent out in early May to resurface three miles of the town’s roadways.

Tony Casale, a Yonkers-based general contractor, the lowest of four responding
bidders—which included the Scarsdale-based Acocella Co-ntracting, the Mount Vernon-based Paladino Concrete Creations, the New Jersey-based Landi Mason and Landscape Supply and the Bronx-based Coppola Paving and Landscaping—was awarded the $100,000 contract to fix the town’s sidewalks.

Bronxville’s DPW Superintendent Rocco Circosta did not return calls for comment as of press time.

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