Lisa Jardine

Column: Indie holiday shopping for the whole family

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Siren’s beautiful gift-wrapping

Siren’s beautiful gift-wrapping

1951 Palmer Ave., Larchmont

• Sapphire blue velvet boots by Penelope Chilvers
from Great Britain, $425

Wendy Gee! 

Angela’s strapless dress with tulle

Angela’s strapless dress with tulle

1949 Palmer Ave., Larchmont

• Slippers, $19

• Ladies scarves, $29

• Ladies handbags, $68-$165


224 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck

Royal Jewelers hand-cut monogram necklaces

Royal Jewelers hand-cut monogram necklaces

• Cashmere dress toppers in all colors, $138

• Holiday wear by Karina Grimaldi, $198 and up

• Koola burra boots, $298 and up

• Stretch dresses from Tees by Tina, one size fits all in multiple colors, $98

• Evening bags, $48 and up

• Gorgeous jewelry, $18 and up

• All-natural stone pendant necklaces, $25 and up


24 Purchase St., Rye

• Strapless black dress with tulle from Malene Birger, $695

• Burgundy Velvet smoking jacket from Rag and Bone, $550

Weezie D

22 Purchase St., Rye and 15 Park Pl., Bronxville

Miller’s slot car racing

Miller’s slot car racing

• Sequined party dresses, $74 and up

• Sequined body suit, $84

• Peplum belt, $78

• Handbags, $54 and up

• Scarves, $18 and up

• Headbands, $16 and up

• Wallets, $22 and up

For Him:


Siren’s J’s men’s shoes

Siren’s J’s men’s shoes

• Relwen snowboard fleece and down coat in orange,
navy or charcoal, $288

• Duvetica leather trimmed down coat, $895

• Psycho Bunny socks, scarves, sweaters, hats and gloves, $30 to $295


• J’s shoes for men, $185 and up

Royal Jewelers 

56 Purchase St., Rye

• Money clips and cufflinks, $75 to $150

Wendy Gee!

Royal Jewelers school logo necklaces

Royal Jewelers school logo necklaces

• Cashmink scarves, $29

For Kids:

Wendy Gee!

• Kids placemats with markers, $29

Miller’s Toys 

335 Mamaroneck Ave.

• Multi-rotor helicopters for kids 10 and up, $90

Wendy Gee! skier serving tray

Wendy Gee! skier serving tray

• Slot car racing, $400 and up

• Magna Tiles for kids 3 and up, $55 to $130

• Scooters, all sizes for all ages over three, $89.99 and up

• For older kids, spin cast collectibles from the world wars, $50 and up


For teens and tweens:

Wendy Gee!

Yogi’s Paw fuzzy pjs and sugar lip tanks

Yogi’s Paw fuzzy pjs and sugar lip tanks

• Solar powered globes, $165 and up

• Touchscreen gloves, $34

Yogi’s Paw

325 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck
and 141 Main St., Mt. Kisco

• Infinity scarves, $14.99

• Skater skirts, $31.99

• Sterling silver jewelry, $15 and up

• Fuzzy pajama pants and shorts, $28.99 and $21.99

• Sugar lips tanks, $14.99, come in every color

• Sleepover accessories $25 to $35

• Handbags, $35.99 and up

Outerluxe sapphire velvet boots

Outerluxe sapphire velvet boots

• Sterling silver jewelry $15 and up

Royal Jewelers 

• Hand-cut monogram necklaces in various sizes, either gold or silver, $100 and up

• Custom-made school logo charms; the Rye Garnets charm is a G surrounded by garnet stones, $150 including the chain

• 14k earrings, $25 and up



• Plein Sud chincilla’d Rex wrap, $1,095, in denim or aubergene or in black sheared mink, $2,500.

Miller’s Toys

• Custom-made indoor synthetic ice-skating rink installed in your basement or backyard, $12,000 and up

• Backyard trampoline, $1,400 and up


• Black feather dress from Joanna Mastroianni, $4,295

Outlerluxe psycho bunny line

Outlerluxe psycho bunny line

• Pucci dress, $2,485

Royal Jewelers 

• Diamond snowflake necklace in 14k white gold, $1,500

• Hand-crafted 1 carat oval yellow diamond set in 18k white gold surrounded by another 1.14 carats, $20,000

For The Hostess:

Wendy Gee!

• Serving tray with skis, $54

• Felt snowmen, $34 and up


• Candles in recycled wine bottles, $26

• Marrakesh market totes, $78

Yogi’s Paw

• Musical instrument tree ornaments, $12.99


The Voracious Reader

1997 Palmer Ave., Larchmont

• For young readers

“Spike the Ugliest Dog,” the new Eric Carle book

“Friendship, Santa!” by Rufus Butler Seder

“The Dwarf in the Drawer” by L. van King

Emma Thompson’s “The Christmas Tale of Peter Rabbit.”

• For middle grade

“The Rooftoppers,” “Pinkalicious” and “Electric Ben.”

• For young adult

“The Book Thief,” “Divergent” and “Clockwork Scarab.”

• For adults

“The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt

Last-minute, one-stop shopping:

Rye Beach Pharmacy

464 Forest Ave., Rye

• They have everything

For The Shopper:

Lilly’s Foot Spa 

118 Mamaroneck Ave., Mamaroneck

• A gift certificate for 90 minutes for $50

Best Gift Wrapping: