paul bookbinder

Column: Holiday kitchen dreams

BOOKBINDERMost of us spend more time in the kitchen than any other room in our house and this is especially true throughout the holiday season when the kitchen becomes the focal point of your home. During this time of year, kitchens are not only filled with the immediate family, they’re also cluttered with welcome, and unwelcome, guests helping, visiting, kibitzing, snooping, etc.

With all the time spent in the kitchen, and all the people milling around, folks have a tendency to notice what doesn’t work well in terms of design and function, so it’s no wonder that more people start to think about remodeling during the holidays than any other time of the year.

Unless you’re very fortunate, no one is going to buy you a new kitchen for Christmas, Chanukah or Festivus. It’s just not considered a romantic, holiday type gift, but it should be. Nothing says “I love you, dear” more than a gorgeous new room to prepare meals for the family. Okay, maybe the preparing meals part takes some of the romance out of it, but work with me on this.

Wouldn’t it be great to have enough room to prepare next year’s holiday delicacies without bumping into everyone else and enough storage space for all your spices as well as places to put away all the dishes, glasses and silverware after the shiny, new dishwasher has made them spotless?

If a new kitchen is on your holiday gift list, or you wish it was, you can get the process started by making a wish list that includes everything that you would like in your new dream kitchen. Then make another list of what you really must have in case you need to trim things that budget or space don’t allow from the first list.

Next step, pick up some kitchen magazines in town or go to or and look at what other people are doing. When you see something that interests you, tear it out or print it out or save it on your computer so you can show it to your kitchen designer. It’s easier and safer to show someone a specific concept rather than trying to explain it, leaving less chance for misinterpretation of what you had in mind. This will ensure that your dream kitchen ends up looking like your dream kitchen and not your designer’s dream kitchen.

When the magical, holiday season is over, if someone loved you enough to give you a new kitchen, or you decided to give one to yourself, you’re now ready to begin the actual project. Gather up your lists, your pictures, your iPad and find a creative designer who understands you and will be able to combine all your ideas into a stunning, functional and affordable new kitchen just for you.