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Pet Rescue 7-11-2014

Ryleigh is a sweet and gentle 12-pound, low-energy Chihuahua mix around eight years old. She was used as a breeding dog and then discarded. Now in a loving home, she enjoys being held while watching a little TV and being pampered. Ryleigh gets along with all the others in her foster home although her preference […]

Pet Rescue 6-27-14

Willie is a handsome young cat, about a year old now, very sweet and playful. He was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a disorder that leads to some jerky movements and uncoordinated motion, but, thankfully, this does not get worse with age. Willie doesn’t let this stop him from being a healthy, happy cat. He can […]

Pet Rescue 6-20-2014

Pharaoh is a great dog, about three years old and 70 lbs. We believe he is a great dane/greyhound mix. Pharoah likes his humans and plays well with some dogs, mostly female. He is strong on a leash but, with a little training, he can be a wonderful companion. He was turned in by his […]

Pet Rescue 6-13-14

Jenny is an adorable, cuddly, one-year-old Russian Blue/diluted calico mix now living in a great foster home. This still-very-young cat, barely out of kittenhood, already had a litter of kittens, all of whom were adopted. She lives with other cats and dogs now, kids too, and is very affectionate and friendly. Jenny is a real […]

Pet Rescue 6-6-2014

Pete is about two and a half years old and quite a mix. His ears look like a hound’s, his long nose looks sort of like a collie or a dobie, his body looks like a greyhound and, with his long legs, he runs like a pony. Pete is a member of a group of […]

Pet Rescue 5-30-14

Brothers Rembrandt and Matisse found themselves homeless when their owner was evicted and they could not go with her. Extremely affectionate, these one-year-old boys are great with other cats and okay with dogs too. With handsome tabby and white coats, these warm-hearted cuddlers love to play as well as snuggle. They are very bonded and […]

Pet Rescue 5-23-14

Keltie is a gorgeous 3-year-old, 35-pound Boxer mix with beautiful markings and the most expressive eyes. She is completely housebroken, walks well on the leash and loves rides in the car. Keltie wants nothing more than to snuggle with you, give kisses and be petted. She would be best as the only dog in a […]

Pet Rescue 5-16-2014

Felicity, about 4 years old now, is a lovely petite tuxedo with a real live-wire personality. She loves to play, is curious and intelligent, and will grab your attention. You will never be bored with this frisky feline. Felicity is spayed, in excellent health and up to date with all vaccinations. The adoption donation for […]

Pet Recuse 5-9-2014

Marty is a happy two-year-old, 11-pound bundle of joy. He is energetic, housebroken, very smart and most eager to please. Marty likes most other dogs and doesn’t mind cats. He’s a feisty boy and needs an alpha leader that can manage him. He needs an experienced owner and should not go to a home with […]

Pet Rescue 5-2-2014

Sweet, lively and curious, Milo is about one-and-a-half years old now. This engaging and intelligent tabby was found near an apartment building in Yonkers, starving in the freezing cold. Even the tips of his ears had frostbite and one tip actually fell off at the vet. Fed by caring people and now residing in a […]