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Letter: The city’s role in the United Hospital redevelopment

  To the Editor, We would like to thank Democrats Jeff Taylor, Emily Hurd and Danielle Tagger-Epstein for a respectful and spirited Rye City Council debate hosted by the League of Women Voters last week at Rye Middle School. During the debate, and again in a letter to the editor in another newspaper this week, […]

Letter: Legislation needed to protect our residents

  To the Editor, At the final Rye City Council hearing on rock chipping, council members seemed reluctant to pass legislation strong enough to restore our community’s peace and quiet. Instead, they seemed ready to favor the interests of builders over the interests of Rye residents. However, strong rules will protect all residents from deafening […]

Letter: Re: Susan Watson’s charging station letter

    To the Editor, I found Susan Watson’s letter, “Parker’s charging station legislation flawed” published on Sept. 25, 2015, to be short-sighted. She decries even minimal county spending for EV charging stations, and then goes on to extoll the efficiency of markets and the private sector. She asks, “Who pays?[...]Who benefits?” All county residents […]

Letter: Air traffic over Larchmont

    To the Editor, It’s a beautiful September morning and I would enjoy sitting on my porch, but the daily roaring onslaught of airplanes over Larchmont is in full flight. Every 30 seconds or so, jets fly on their way to LaGuardia, and they are loud. This will go on all morning and resume […]

Letter: Parker’s charging station legislation flawed

  To the Editor, On Sept. 9, Catherine Parker convened a hearing on her proposed legislation to dedicate 10 percent of parking spaces to electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at new or renovated parking lots owned or financed by Westchester County. But before the Board of Legislators conspires with the New York Power Authority to […]

Letter: Re: Kathy Savolt’s letter on new LMCTV HQ

    To the Editor, Regarding the prospect of LMCTV moving into the Mamaroneck Firehouse, all discussions of possible arrangements include substantial rehab of the firehouse to bring it up to code at LMCTV’s expense from capital monies received from the cable companies, retaining the historic nature of the firehouse and remitting a monthly monetary […]

Letter: Re: LMCTV sees firehouse as new HQ

  To the Editor, I read the Aug. 28 front-page article with interest. I was mayor when the Board of Trustees voted to build the new firehouse and I would like to add to some facts to the discussion. When the board voted, it was assumed that the old firehouse on Mamaroneck Avenue would be […]

Letter: Primary candidate Shari Rackman deserves support

    To the Editor, I have recently learned that Shari Rackman, a councilperson in New Rochelle, came under severe criticism for voting against a planned project for Echo Bay. The residents who live in the area, mostly homeowners, are against this project. Shari Rackman listened to these complaints and agreed with them. Shari Rackman […]

Letter: Reader: I’ll take Belmont over Marraccini

    To The Editor, Primary day is almost upon us and for me, the clear choice in the mayor’s race is Ron Belmont. Since taking office, Mayor Belmont has done some great things for this town. For starters, he restored an air of calmness and civility to the mayor’s office and to town governance. […]