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Letter: Re-elect Dennis Winter for fire commissioner

    To the Editor, On Dec. 8, Dennis Winter will be running for re-election to the Town of Eastchester Board of Fire Commissioners. Dennis has served as the board’s chairman for the last three years and, under his leadership, the board has achieved many significant accomplishments. These have included: • The adoption of a […]

Letter: Thank you to The Community Fund

    To the Editor, The Senior Citizens Council would like to wholeheartedly thank The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe for its continued generous support of Bronxville and Tuckahoe senior citizens. We know that the best way to keep our many seniors healthy and vigorous and engaged in the community is to provide […]

Letter: Library workers have right to unionize

    To the Editor, I write as a patron and supporter of the Mamaroneck library. I was proud to have served on a bipartisan Village of Mamaroneck Board of Trustees that voted to support a $13.5 million bond that renovated and expanded our beautiful library. I have always been impressed with the professionalism and […]

Letter: Thanksgiving and Native Americans

To the Editor, Thanksgiving, like most holidays, is marked by a frenetic pace of commercialism. Indeed, it is a prelude in this country to Black Friday and the insane push by corporate America to buy and consume. Like Christmas, its original meaning has been lost and perverted with this deluge of consumption and indulgence that […]

Letter: Re: Latona’s open letter to library board of trustees

    To the Editor, Last week, you printed an open letter to the Mamaroneck library Board of Trustees that asked questions I would like to respond to on behalf of the Mamaroneck Public Library Board of Trustees. First, the library has always welcomed community input and involvement. In fact, these very values are what […]

Letter: Gramatan Village and The Community Fund

    To the Editor, With the holiday season quickly approaching, our thoughts turn to family, friends and giving thanks for all we have. It is also the time when we consider the needs of others and how we can help. The Community Fund of Bronxville, Eastchester and Tuckahoe has been meeting the community’s needs […]

Letter: Seniors need to be part of the discussion

    To the Editor, In response to the previously-published letter from the Democratic Rye City Council candidates called “Get senior citizens involved and heard,” we of the Rye Seniors Advocacy Committee, RSAC, could not agree more. The health of any community is determined in large part by how well our most vulnerable members are […]

Letter: Open letter to Mamaroneck library Board of Trustees

  To the Editor, I attended the Oct. 28 board meeting with the understanding that the public was welcome. However, the board immediately adjourned to a private session and left the room. Before they left, a staff member requested that they wait, as there were about 30 community members present. Some board members remained standing, […]

Letter: Fresh and new may not be what’s best

    To the Editor, Rye does not stand at a crossroads. The reform of our government began when Mayor Sack and the current council were elected to office in 2013. Meg Cameron, the current Rye Democratic Party chairwoman, was beaten badly in that election as a candidate for city council. Richard Slack and Richard […]

Letter: Re-elect Richard Mecca

    To the Editor, I write to urge fellow residents of Rye to re-elect Richard Mecca to the city council. I have been honored to serve with Richard on the city council over the past two years. Richard has brought a refreshing dose of down-to-earth common sense to our deliberations. Time after time when […]