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Letter: Invest in schools, override tax cap

To the Editor, When my husband and I moved here 10 years ago, we looked at three factors to decide where to live. We looked at the commuting time from New York City, the community and the strength of the public schools. Even if we weren’t sure that our children would use the public schools […]

Letter: Black men are politically squeezed

    To the Editor, The racist emails of former Pelham Police Chief Alfred Mosiello is very typical of people in many communities of Westchester and beyond. These same people live in Little Falls, N.Y., Forked River, N.J., Mahopac, N.Y., Bensonhurst, Howard Beach and certainly Staten Island. It does not matter to these same people […]

Letter: Support school budget, full-day kindergarten

    To the Editor, Two years ago my family made a decision that most people never do. We moved from Connecticut, where the taxes are low, to New York, where the taxes are high. As we were looking for our new place to call home, we settled on Rye for its reputation as having […]

Letter: Reader: Subway not welcomed

    To the Editor, You may have heard by now that the Tuckahoe Zoning Board of Appeals will be hearing an application by the national chain, Subway sandwich shop, to locate at 73 Main St. They are seeking variances for parking, reducing the required four spots to two spots. They claim they will be dependent […]

Letter: Turn your concern to action

    To the Editor, As parents who care passionately about our children and their education, we can get protective and incensed when our child is not offered the opportunities we feel he or she deserves. In recent years we have fought (and often lost) to keep elementary school librarians, school staff, middle schools sports […]

Letter: Council needs to inform public on stolen golf funds

    To the Editor, As a Rye resident and a member of Rye Golf Club, I cannot understand the huge difference between the city’s insurance claim of $2.1 million “which would cover the money allegedly stolen by the disgraced former general manager of the city’s golf club” and the $343,120 “Yandresevich was able to […]

Letter: Open Door is wrong idea for school

    To the Editor, The Open Door health clinic is a wonderful organization, but not within one of our public schools, especially one with the largest brown and black population. Comparing our district to schools in Port Chester is problematic because the demographic there enforced a Latino-friendly climate that we don’t have in Larchmont […]

Letter: Yandrasevich should be forced to forfeit state pension

  To the Editor, The following is an open letter to state Sen. George Latimer and state Assemblyman Steve Otis. The March 6 edition of the Rye City Review references Albany lawmakers proposing New York Constitution changes for elected officials convicted of a felony, while in office. I endorse the change to the state Constitution to […]

Letter: Deer numbers are not credible

    To the Editor, The shocking reality is that Westchester County has given Westchester County Bowhunters Association, WCBA,—whose existence is based and depends on the killing of deer—the authority to present deer population density figures to municipalities who may have “slaughter” or “culls” in mind for local wildlife. Talk about the “fox guarding the […]

Letter: Come one, come all to the parade

  To the Editor, As we deal with yet another winter that just won’t end, the Eastchester Irish American Social Club has your antidote. It is the 11th annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade, to be held on Sunday, March 15 at 3 p.m. in the Town of Eastchester. This highly anticipated event is a true […]