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Letter: Sack on the right side of change

To the Editor, I write this letter to support Joe Sack for mayor. The City of Rye needs new leadership on the City Council. We need a capable, vital, bright individual who is and has been on the right side of the most important issue that Rye has confronted over the past few years: The […]

Letter: Sack a proven leader

To the Editor, My name is Jim Richardson, Jr., and I have lived in Rye for almost my entire life. I think Rye, for numerous reasons, is the perfect place to live. Unfortunately, recent events involving the golf club, the City Council and the mayor’s office have, for the first time, forced me to question […]

Letter: Rye Record’s coverage questioned

To the Editor, In a small city like ours, most residents know that mayoral candidate Peter Jovanovich, the current deputy mayor, is married to Robin Jovanovich, the owner and publisher of The Rye Record. What people may not know is that Mr. Jovanovich maintains an office in the same suite as his wife and The […]

Letter: Dunn: Jovanovich a consensus builder

To the Editor, I am voting for Peter Jovanovich, independent, for Rye City mayor. So are eight former City Council members, Carolyn Cunningham, a Democrat, Franklin Chu, a Republican, Bonnie Downing, a Republican, Matt Fahey, a Republican, Duncan Hennes, a Republican, Roz Larr, a Republican, Gerry Seitz, an independent, and Arthur Stampleman, a Democrat. Together […]

Letter: Joe Sack is just right

To the Editor, This coming Election Day, Nov. 5, 2013, marks an anniversary of sorts. It turns out that this next election will be roughly 7.5 billion seconds since the opening shots of the American Revolution were fired. Coincidentally, or fatefully depending on one’s perspective, there are roughly 7.5 billion people on the planet. It […]

Letter: Sack: The best neighbor in Rye

To the Editor, Here are some reasons why the families of Thorne Place support our neighbor, Rye City Councilman Joe Sack, as the only choice we have for mayor. Joe has lived on our block with Kerri and their girls since the summer of 2006, having moved from another part of Rye, where they had […]

Letter: Colavita looks out for me

To the Editor, There is only one qualified candidate for supervisor. That person is Tony Colavita.  While his opponent seems to be a nice person, he can’t hold a candle to Colavita’s budgetary, governmental and management experience. Times are tough and we can’t gamble with our tax dollars. Colavita has reduced staff at Town Hall […]

Letter: Vote for good government

To the Editor,  Our community is in desperate need of good government. Westchester County is the highest property tax county in the nation. New York State ranks dead last as a place to do business and leads the nation in people fleeing our state. Over the course of the last four years, there is one […]

Column: Idoni on the cutting edge

To the Editor, Westchester County Clerk Tim Idoni has done a fantastic job of reducing costs at the County Clerk’s office. He is one of the outstanding government managers in the state.  All Westchester voters should examine his record and vote to re-elect him. Idoni has reduced the operating budget of the County Clerk’s Office by […]

Letter: Bipartisanship saves tax dollars

To the Editor, I wanted to make sure that an announcement made by Gov. Andrew Cuomo in Westchester received the attention that it truly deserves. Last week, I had the chance to attend an event at which the governor announced he had appointed former Gov. George Pataki and former New York State Comptroller Carl McCall […]