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Letter: Petition challenges are nothing new



To the Editor,

The Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Committee supports following election law and all law. Challenges to petition signatures are not “technicalities,” but rather the means to ensure fairness for everyone under the legal process. Nominating petitions have always been scrutinized and challenged by all parties, as they should be.


Executive Committee,

Zachary Cohen, Randi Robinowitz, Robert Stark, Kelly Wenstrup


Letter: Re: contaminants found on proposed hotel site



To the Editor,

As the Eastchester Review has reported, contaminants were found in the proposed Marriott SpringHill Suites site at 109 Marbledale Road in Tuckahoe. These contaminants, along with the anticipated heavy traffic during and after the construction of the hotel, are some of the many concerns of the community regarding this Marriott SpringHill Suites project.

109 Marbledale Road is the site of the Marbledale Quarry Dump, which was used as a municipal and industrial dump for several decades.

The notice on the Village of Tuckahoe website is confusing, because the majority of the community is not familiar with the terminology “conditional negative declaration.”

As we understand it, the “conditional negative declaration” means that the Village of Tuckahoe Planning Board will not require a Full Environmental Impact Study, unless the public submits written requests before Sept. 5, 2015.

The scope and scale of this proposed hotel project is very large.

The proposal is for a five-story, 163-room hotel, which is much larger than anything
in the area.

For the health and welfare of the entire community, it is a logical conclusion to have dedicated and specific information about the impact of this project.

In the community’s best interest, there should be a Full Environmental Impact Study and an independent environmental engineer assigned to the project.

The community needs to have a designated independent environmental engineer who will be engaged to provide objective information and planning for the community.

Whether or not an individual is for or against this hotel project, it is in the public’s best interest to request a Full Environmental Impact Study and to have an independent environmental engineer. It is paramount to make sure that everything is done to protect the safety and welfare of our community.

Since many people are not aware of the deadline of Sept. 5, 2015, or how to submit their request, we would like to offer the following information:

To make a request for a Full Environmental Study/Full Environmental Impact Statement, in reference to the Marriott SpringHill Suites Hotel Project at 109 Marbledale Road, Tuckahoe, N.Y., please write or email The Village of Tuckahoe Planning Board care of the Building Inspector before Sept. 5, 2015.

Further, to make a request for a private environmental engineer, please include that in the correspondence.

The contact information for the request is:

The Chairman of the Village of Tuckahoe Planning Board,

c/o  Mr. Bill Williams, Building Inspector

Room 200, 2nd floor,

Village Hall

65 Main Street,

Tuckahoe, N.Y. 10707


Trevorlyn Banton

Anna Carapella

Jennylyn Cooper

Zef Dedaj

Clive Griffiths

Jerome Griffiths

Shaquille Griffiths

Bronia Lewin

Boris Lewin

Brian McChelland

Lucille Murphy

Thomas Murphy

Joseph Marinello Jr.

John Mosoti

Deborah Scannell

Paul Tapping

Rachel Zolottev

Vladimir Zolottev,



Letter: Reader: Fourth of July is a fraud

To the Editor,

Frederick Douglass said, “What, to the American slave, is your Fourth of July? A day that reveals to him, more than all other days in the year, the gross injustice, cruelty and false Christianity that he is the constant victim. Your constitution is predicated on a lie, your echoes of ‘freedom’ hollow mockery, the meaning of your Bible is trampled on every day with the evils that you commit that would disgrace a nation of savages.”

David Walker in his appeal of 1829 said, “The white man’s Christianity is a more violent and criminal enterprise than were the Romans or the Greeks when they enslaved the Helots.”

That tradition of a violent and perverse form of Christianity has always befallen members of the black church. The recent slaughter in South Carolina is a continuation of this evil part of the American landscape.

Thousands of black Christians have been slaughtered by whites throughout the history of this country. Many times, like the barbaric and horrific event at the church in South Carolina, the victims have been bombed, mutilated and killed in a house of worship by so-called white Christians. These acts that have continued invariably after slavery, show how criminal U.S. history is, and how hollow the Fourth of July truly is.

Hundreds of black churches after slavery have been burned to the ground as recently as several years ago. Indeed, from WWII to the murder of those four young black girls at the 16th Street Baptist Church, there were at least 50 bombing acts of domestic terrorism in Birmingham (“Bombingham”), Ala. In many instances, the bombings were of black churches by whites.

The racist, brutal and uncivilized nature of the United States has not changed with this act and many other acts that are going on around the country, in which the New York Police Department and sometimes law enforcement has been the perpetrator.

The proliferation of white supremacist organizations such as Christian Identity, the skinheads, neo-Nazi groups and the Ku Klux Klan has imbued the racism and hate that is rampant across this country and led to this barbaric incident in South Carolina. The Confederate flag, a symbol not only of slavery but white supremacy, has also inspired this type of hatred which has reached its apex with the election of the nation’s first black president. The nine members of that South Carolina church who were killed, had family members who epitomized the real meaning of Christianity when they forgave the racist barbarian who committed this evil act.

Those Christians who will be indulging, self-promoting and celebrating the false meaning of this holiday should look at the real meaning of their Christianity, and realize how much of a travesty this holiday is with its history of death and destruction.

As Douglass said during his July 4 speech, “Compared with every other country on this earth as far as barbarism, violence and denial of freedom and destruction of family, the U.S. is without rival in its perfidious and inhumane treatment of black people in America.”

The celebration of the Fourth of July is the ultimate slap in the face to African-Americans and indigenous peoples.


Clifford Jackson,



Letter: Response: ‘NYPD has a checkered past’


To the Editor, 

I would like to respond to the letter published on June 12 by Clifford Jackson of Larchmont titled “NYPD has a checkered past.”

To begin with, I have been reading your publication for many years along with the Clifford Jackson letters that appear from time to time. I personally do not care for his many biased and racial thoughts regarding the issues that come to his mind but I do respect his constitutional right to express his views. On the matter of the NYPD, I would like to express my anger over the biased misinformation that was expressed by Jackson.

He has absolutely no idea what it takes to police a large city like New York or any city or town for that matter. Police officers risk their lives every time they put on a uniform and go out to protect and aid the people they serve. The vast majority of these men and women do so without a thought of the race or background of the people whose calls for assistance they answer. I am not going say that, at times, individual officers do not act in a disrespectful or unlawful manner, but to speak of the NYPD in the manner that Jackson does is uncalled for and ignorant in my opinion.

As an example, he states that 30 years ago, a woman told him that her uncle who grew up in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn in the 1940s and 50’s, 70 years ago, told her that men in many communities would do one of two things: join La Cosa Nostra or the NYPD. This would be fine for a storybook, but to believe that to be true is beyond the stretch of one’s imagination.

I probably could go on and on but the point of this response is that Clifford Jackson’s outlandish beliefs, none of which contain firsthand information, makes for poor fictional reading at best.

I speak from firsthand experience, as I am a retired NYPD police lieutenant and was an investigator on the staff of the Mollen Commission of 1993 whose findings never confirmed widespread racism in the NYPD.

Clifford Jackson would do well to remember that “racism” is not a one way street.


Alfred Fernandez,



Letter: Mayor, City Council wrong again



To the Editor,

The planned willful destruction of the New Rochelle Rowing Club is another blunder in the long list of misdirected choices of the City of New Rochelle.

The rowing club building is structurally sound enough to outlast any of us. Not to mention the historical value.

New Rochelle High School Nationals; Schoolboy Champions in the 20’s; NRRC National Champions in the 40’s; U.S. Olympic Trials finalists in the 60’s; sponsored crews through the years including New Rochelle High School, Salesian, Blessed Sacrament High School, Iona Prep, Iona College, Fordham University, among others.

Tradition alone should be grounds for the continuing operations of the New Rochelle Rowing Club.


James W. Eich, 
New Rochelle


Letter: Republicans question Natchez comments



To the Editor, 

With regard to staff writer Jackson Chen’s article entitled “Natchez to run for mayor,” we the undersigned Village of Mamaroneck Republican Party district leaders, strongly doubt the veracity of Daniel Natchez’s statement that he “received support about a potential November run from both Republican and Democratic district leaders.”

We reaffirm our intent to fully support both Mayor Norman S. Rosenblum and Trustee Louis N. Santoro for re-election in November, based upon their proven record of representing all of the residents, visitors and businesses in the “friendly village” of Mamaroneck.

We are somewhat confused with Mr. Natchez’s candidacy announcement, due to the fact that recently, the Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Party Chairwoman Elizabeth Saenger said that the party had not yet chosen a candidate for mayor.

Whatever the case may be, we fully support the concept of an open forum for all to address the Board of Trustees which and has been the practice of Mayor Rosenblum and Trustee Santoro for the past six years.


Village of Mamaroneck Republican district leaders,
Maryanne Genovese
Louis Santoro
Nicholas Santoro
Gregory Sullivan
Harry Hazelwood
John Barney
Louis Ricci
Jennifer Cohen
Michael Ianniello
Maggie Leigh O’Neill
Terrance O’Neill
James Lore
Don Derrico
Wednesday Derrico


Letter: Motive of MBYC support in question



To the Editor,

Please forgive me for questioning the motivation behind Ida Luckower’s letter, “Barry Avenue signs are mean-spirited,” in the May 15 edition of the Mamaroneck Review, saying that people who put signs up in their own yards are “mean spirited,” and that, “The signs violate the spirit of free speech.” How does she interpret “free speech,” and why would someone who lives in White Plains, but apparently enjoys Mamaroneck’s waterfront, be upset by what the residents who actually live nearby have to say about the Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club’s, MBYC, proposed construction.

Her objection to the terminology is amusing: Nine months a year residences hardly seem to be “seasonal residences.” What season lasts for nine months?

While the writer claims to have so much knowledge about MBYC, I wonder if she knows about the club’s past history. That the owners pulled off a monumental “heist” several years ago when they brought in truckloads of fill during the night and illegally (without any permits whatsoever) dumped them to extend their waterfront property by a considerable amount of frontage. Nothing was done and no one ever went after them for such a brazen land grab. Could any of the rest of us taxpayers have gotten away with increasing the size of our property with such an outlandish maneuver without being fined or prosecuted? One wonders, “Who was in whose pocket to get away with such a feat?”

And, further, in the past few months, MBYC executed a new, even more amazing, stunt. They managed to purchase from the State of New York more than a half-acre of extremely valuable waterfront property along Otter Creek for the insanely small sum of $10,000. This reminds me of the old saying, “If you believe that, I’ll sell you the Brooklyn Bridge.” Except that this actually happened.

Isn’t it also interesting that some supposedly law-abiding citizen(s) with MBYC’s interests at heart has three times in the past month illegally removed the “mean-spirited” signs from the front yards along Barry Avenue that were displaying them?

Lois Fenton,



Letter: Criticizing trustees is not an assault, lynch mob

To the Editor,

At the Board of Trustees meeting on May 11, Village of Mamaroneck Democratic Committee Chairwoman Elizabeth Saenger compared the community’s reaction against the proposed changes to parking on Mamaroneck Avenue to a lynch mob. “The tone of that meeting two weeks ago [April 27] really shocked and scared me…I think you let the meeting sort of degenerate into almost like a lynch mob…” Saenger said during public comments.

Lynching is a murderous tool of terrorism often used to silence those fighting for human rights. Throughout American history, the struggles for equality of African-Americans, Asians, Italians, and others, were opposed with lynching.

Contemporarily, it is not uncommon for some individuals to use the analogies of “lynch mobs,” “witch-hunts” or “crucifixions” in the face of criticism. However, such accusations are all attempts to silence criticism by comparing it to a violent, homicidal act.

Indignation by taxpayers at a proposal introduced by elected officials is not a lynch mob. Residents politely expressing their views are not a lynch mob. Criticizing trustees is not a lynching. What happened at the April 27 village board meeting was democracy in action, not a public execution by an enraged mob.

It is racially and historically insensitive to compare the exercise of democratic rights to a lynch mob. Thousands of people have been murdered by lynch mobs. Many of these victims died fighting for the very rights exercised by those who spoke on April 27—the right to take part in their government.

Kelly Wenstrup, a member of the Democratic Nominating Committee, in her letter to the editor published last week, “The mayor needs to lead by example,” tried to sidestep Ms. Saenger’s racially and historically insensitive comments by bringing up a graphic on The Mamaroneck Insider Facebook page. But what Ms. Wenstrup failed to mention is that while Saenger’s comments alluded to actual killings, the graphic Ms. Wenstrup objects to alluded to the fictionalized killing of mythically undead creatures.

Neither Ms. Saenger nor the Mamaroneck trustees are at risk of facing anything close to an actual lynching. It is quite simply a lie to claim to be a victim when no crime has been committed. Lynchings are some of the darkest points in American history. Comparing being criticized to being lynched by an angry mob is more than merely ignorant. It cheapens the phrase, strips it of meaning and dilutes the sacrifices made by the victims of past atrocities.

Angela Giraldo,

Village of Mamaroneck Democratic district leader


Letter: America still has a long way to go



To the Editor,

The racist emails of former Pelham Police Chief Alfred Mosiello is very typical of people in many communities of Westchester and beyond. These same people live in Little Falls, N.Y., Forked River, N.J., Mahopac, Bensonhurst and Howard Beach and certainly Staten Island. It would not matter to these same people that Mosiello is a chief of law enforcement and like his New Hampshire commissioner of police counterpart who called president Obama a “nigger,” that their racism would impact them as far as how selectively they administered law enforcement. These are the same people that invariably say “blacks are lazy,” yet as President Lincoln said, “the wealth of this country is predicated upon 246 years of free labor from the African slave.” And these same people owe their jobs to ethnic and racial cronyism.

You see it in construction and for generations at the New York Police Department and New York Fire Department. I have seen it personally working on Wall Street for 32 years where people like Mosiello demonstrate neolithic incompetence in their job performance daily but, because of this racial cronyism, keep their jobs because a cousin or uncle can get them employed, in some cases without having a high school diploma. Where black men no matter how stellar their performance are politically squeezed out by these same people. These are the same people who have the same mantra “that we work hard,” but it is their “white privilege” and cronyism and at times nepotism that allows them to thrive. These same people will give “Cosa Nostra” more respect and deference and show searing hatred for Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. These are the same people that ignore the daily displays of violent crimes committed by whites in Westchester and around this country. The violent crime rate by whites is higher than any other country in the industrialized world. Black males with college degrees earn less than white males with a high school diploma in many cases.

I guess we are in post-racial America.


Clifford Jackson, 



Letter: The mayor needs to lead by example



To the Editor,

In the Village of Mamaroneck, we have a problem with the tenor of public discourse.  And it’s not a small problem. We seem to have lost all sense of civility at Board of Trustees meetings, with the public screaming at trustees, and “reporting” about the meetings on Facebook with graphics depicting bullet holes and blood. Not only does the current environment discourage reasoned discussion on the particular issue at hand, it is damaging the greater reputation of the village to our long-term detriment.

The latest issue stirring up the vitriol is parking—specifically installation of multi-meters to replace our coin-fed parking meters. The day before the April 27 board meeting, signs appeared, taped to village parking meters declaring that “Coming Soon” there would be “No Eating Out, Shopping [or] Visitors Longer than 2 Hours.” The sign then provided the date, time and place of the next day’s board meeting for “Complaints.”

The meeting lacked decorum and order. We need more from our mayor, who leads the meetings.

After the meeting, the graphic that was taped to parking meters appeared on the “Mamaroneck Insider” Facebook page, with the depiction of bullet holes and blood. As of this letter-writing, one person has “liked” the posting—our Mayor Norman Rosenblum. Several others have shared it.

At the May 11 village board meeting, we saw more of the same name-calling and raised voices over parking regulations. Even a procedural question by Trustee Dave Finch was shouted down. Though there was no resolution pending, no motion or second for discussion and the mayor’s monologue was unquestionably out of order, Trustee Finch’s attempt to follow rules was utterly ignored.

The hostility, misinformation and attacks upon trustees should end. If we cannot discuss parking meters, how can we discuss land use, development and use of Harbor Island?    I’ve always believed that though Mamaroneck is a beautiful setting in which to live, by far its greatest asset is its people. We’ve met at soccer, baseball and softball games, and I know we share a vision for a diverse and inclusive village. It’s time we stand up to the bullying and distortion of facts and demand more from our mayor and each other.


Kelly Wenstrup