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Letter: The mayor needs to lead by example

    To the Editor, In the Village of Mamaroneck, we have a problem with the tenor of public discourse.  And it’s not a small problem. We seem to have lost all sense of civility at Board of Trustees meetings, with the public screaming at trustees, and “reporting” about the meetings on Facebook with graphics […]

Letter: Years of neglect is MBYC problem

    To the Editor, I am writing in reference to Jackson Chen’s recent article on the sale of Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club, “MBYC on the market,” and must say that I read Ms. Rosenshein’s comments about her club with a mix of bewilderment, amusement and sadness. Firstly, she mentions that “all we want to […]

Letter: Barry Avenue signs are mean-spirited

    To the Editor, Some years ago, Mr. Bernard Rosenshein’s vision of “seasonal residences” on South Barry Avenue was approved by the Mamaroneck Village Board. Not “condos.” The destructive and mean-spirited litigious nature of some residents has hampered the ability for improvements to the 63-year-old Mamaroneck Beach and Yacht Club proposed by its current […]

Letter: Take the time to vote for the school budget

To the Editor, We are the parents of three elementary school age girls. Like most Rye families, we live a very full and active life, fun but chaotic. There never seems to be enough time in the day. The hours between school drop-off and pickup pass in an instant. As parents, we may complain about the tedious parts […]

Letter: School budget doesn’t need to override cap

    To the Editor, Why should Rye pay more and get less? 90 percent of all New York State schools are capable of meeting their budget cap. There are some terrific school districts with tighter budgets that deliver exceptional scores while respecting all taxpayers. Isn’t it a shame that the Rye Board of Education […]

Letter: The beauty of April

  To the Editor, The snowdrops came up late this year as did the crocus. Next came the daffodils, they were on time. The forthistha flowered late and the hyacinthds were early; the tulips were early too. The magnolias and the dogwoods already flowered while some other trees flowered as well. All this in the month of April. All […]

Letter: Know the facts before you vote

To the Editor, May 19 is an extremely important day for the students in the Rye City School District. I learned this by attending Board of Education meetings through late winter/early spring where I was enlightened about both the details of the excellence underlying our Rye City School District as well as the dire risk […]

Letter: We moved to Rye for the schools

    To the editor, Nearly six years ago, our family moved to Rye from Europe. As a multicultural family of French/English, we lived in Paris and London before we settled here. And we have been celebrating our decision since the moment we arrived. We chose Rye because of its renowned school system and we […]

Letter: Vote the budget override for us

    To the Editor, Last week my family celebrated our first anniversary in Rye, having relocated from the United Kingdom. Shortly after we arrived on April 7, 2014, we kept hearing and seeing things about voting for the  school budget. Preoccupied by the relocation, we gladly ignored the whole thing. Since we’d chosen Rye over other […]

Letter: Support an override budget

    To the Editor, My family moved to Rye in May 2012 from New York City. The reason we moved was because our older daughter was getting ready to attend kindergarten and we made the decision that we wanted our two daughters to live a suburban lifestyle and to attend public school. We quickly […]