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Letter: Reader: Jackson, get your facts straight

To the Editor, It is with dismay that I respond to Mr. Clifford Jackson’s letter in your Nov. 8 edition, portraying Christopher Columbus as villain. Typical of all revisionists is the gross overreaching from one circumstance in history to another subsequent one and the application of  21st century thinking to 15th century behavior. In this regard, […]

Letter: Curran: Everett a gender-based bully

To the Editor, This is all very interesting. On Saturday Nov. 9, I was sick in bed for most of the day with a bad case of fever and chills, not answering any phone calls from anyone—actually oblivious that the phone was even ringing. When he was unable to leave a voicemail because my box […]

Letter: Everett has it all wrong

To the Editor, I am writing this letter to clarify several misleading and inaccurate statements you have made in your letter dated Nov. 11 to the mayor and the Rye City Council. It should be noted that Playland holds a special place in my memory bank, as I grew up in that park as a […]

Letter: Walsh strikes back

To the Editor, Odd, isn’t it, that Frank Allegretti took it upon himself to rant against me? He was not a candidate, nor is he a member of the town board. He is the town attorney, a Republican appointment certainly, but not appointed as spokesman for anyone. However, I want to thank him for quoting […]

Letter: Radon is a lung cancer danger

To the Editor: November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month and while most are aware that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, not everyone recognizes that prolonged exposure to radon gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer. In fact, radon-related lung cancers are responsible for an estimated 21,000 deaths in the U.S. […]

Letter: Thank you, Rye voters

To the Editor, We, the Rye United team, would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the voters of Rye for your support in Tuesday’s election. We feel privileged to have the opportunity to serve our community on the City Council. We enjoyed meeting many of you during the campaign and hearing the issues most […]

Letter: If it’s an apology you seek, look in the mirror

To the Editor, Last week, the chairman of the Rye City Planning Commission, Nick Everett, wrote a letter to The Rye City Review accusing me of reporting “misleading and inaccurate” information about him and his relationship with Sustainable Playland on my blog, Mr. Everett went so far as to ask for an apology, yet […]

Letter: SPI board: We want to work with Rye

To the Editor, The Board of Trustees of Sustainable Playland Inc., wishes to thank the citizens of Rye for their support, encouragement and donations in our efforts to restore Playland Park for the Westchester community. A year ago last month, County Executive Rob Astorino announced that SPI was the successful respondent to his request for […]

Letter: Joan Walsh just doesn’t get it

To the Editor, I read with utter amazement the comments of Joan Walsh and her runningmates made to The Harrison Review on Election Night when interviewed as the landslide results were being reported. Mrs. Walsh incredulously blamed the amount of election signs for her loss and continued her unwarranted and baseless assault on the Belmont […]

Letter: Bramson feeling heat on the homefront

To the Editor, In his concession speech on Nov. 5, Noam Bramson said: “I end this campaign more committed to public service than I have ever been. The cause for which every one of us worked will be just as important tomorrow as it is today.” Great. We get to keep Noam for two more […]