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Letter: Bigger isn’t always best

To the Editor, Anyone who loves the Village of Mamaroneck wants bigger and better things for our beloved community. Different people interpret this differently. Here’s what I want from the leaders of this village: More concern for the quality of our water, bigger effort to fix pipes causing the contamination, better enforcement of laws protecting […]

Letter: Re: senior citizens and affordable housing

  To the Editor, Last month, Westchester County Legislator Catherine Parker issued a press release congratulating herself for bringing affordable senior housing to Rye and led her constituents to believe it was all for Rye residents. She said she took action to help senior citizens remain in the communities where they have lived for many […]

Letter: Figuring out the real number of deer

    To the Editor, In your issue published on Oct. 2, Taffy Williams protested “the madness of a deer cull.” She wrote that the number of deer “could be and is most likely a small population of no more than 20 to 30 deer roaming through Mamaroneck and Rye.” While her credentials as a […]

Letter: Why I still support Molly Spillane’s

    To the Editor, Recently, there have been opinions voiced against Molly Spillane’s. It has mainly been about the noise that irritates some residents that live nearby. I have lived within a half block away from Molly’s and have never been bothered by this noise, or anything else about this establishment. Prior to Mollys’ […]

Letter: Bianchi for town justice

    To the Editor, I’m writing to endorse Ronald Bianchi for Harrison town justice. Ron has extensive experience. He is a dedicated and trusted civil servant who has served the Town of Harrison as the mayor/supervisor, town attorney and town judge. Ron is also a lawyer in private practice. He has always proven to […]

Letter: Is our town board doing right by its citizens?

    To the Editor, Transparency is the buzzword. Again and again, the present Harrison town board has proved that they are as determined as possible to keep the citizens of Harrison unrepresented and uninformed. The citizens are left in the dark. It is a town board’s responsibility to represent, respond and inform its community. […]

Letter: The current city council’s good deeds

    To the Editor, There’s an old saying, “If you have the facts on your side, pound the facts. If you have the law on your side, pound the law. If you have neither the facts nor the law, pound the table.” Unfortunately, we are seeing this axiom play out in the current race […]

Letter: Questioning city council debate coverage

    To the Editor, I watched the League of Women Voters Rye City Council candidates’ forum and was impressed by the lively give-and-take. I was especially impressed by the confidence, articulateness and command of facts of the two female candidates, Emily Hurd and Danielle Tagger-Epstein. Imagine my surprise when I read the Rye City […]

Letter: Democratic candidates’ record of leadership

    To the Editor, Thanks for your coverage of the LWV Rye City Council candidates’ forum. One of the things viewers learned about was the exceptional track records of leadership in Rye organizations by candidates Emily Hurd, Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Jeff Taylor. Emily serves on the board of the Rye Nature Center where she […]

Letter: Oh deer, we’ve got a real problem

To the Editor, The comments made by the Democratic City Council candidates during the Sept. 24 League of Women voters forum regarding deer population management in Rye are factually inaccurate and parrot numerous misstatements made by County Legislator Catherine Parker on her social media page. Emily Hurd, a Democratic candidate for City Council, suggested that if […]