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Column: Ending the school year on the best of notes

Spring is a season filled with celebrations of accomplishment in the Rye City School District, and there is so much to celebrate, including the varsity baseball team’s historic sectional victory last week. The last time the Garnets reached the sectionals was in 1984, when many of the current player’s parents were in college or even […]

Column: The best places I’ve never lived

First of all, thank you to everyone who wrote in suggesting things I should do during my 12-hour layover in Chicago this past weekend. I took the Chicago Architecture Foundation river cruise, which was the most suggested thing, and it was great. In fact, my whole do-it-yourself Amtrak residency to get started on my next […]

Column: A good game, spoiled

Sometimes, I really hate my job. I’m not talking about your garden variety, Monday-morning, hit-your-deadlines-type hate here. Everybody feels that from time to time, no matter how engaging they find their place of work. My main gripe with working here is that, as amazing and affirming as sports can be, sometimes you meet people who […]

Poetic License 6-6-2014

“Ah but I was so much older then; I’m younger than that now.” -Bob Dylan   A-HA By Fred Rosenberg, guest poet   A survey appearing on e-mail desired the date of my birth; with honesty not characteristic, I wrote out the answer with mirth.   To continue the survey I waited, but a blockage […]

Column: Counter(top) intelligence

Archeologists have found, even before recorded history, people have had an area in their home devoted to food preparation. Traditionally referred to as “the kitchen” over the millennia, this specialized subdivision of the household has developed from a simple work surface to the exciting kitchens of today. And one of the most exciting parts of […]

Column: Are we ready for September storms?

They say Memorial Day starts the summer, and they say Labor Day ends it. But I think summer ends with the last of the September storms. It seems as if the weather calms down after Sept. 21, the official end of summer. I recall vividly the disastrous hurricane of 1938, which wrecked such havoc on […]

Column: Memorial Day remarks

Good morning and God bless America. A warm welcome to our clergy, distinguished colleagues, police and firemen, community organizations and, most especially, the children to the 94th annual Bronxville parade and commemoration. Today I have the distinct pleasure to honor, on behalf of all of you, a lifelong Bronxvillian, Robert Riggs, as our grand marshal. […]

Column: A farewell to arms

Over the last 20 years or so, pitch counts have become something of a hot-button issue in the baseball world. Not in the same way—for instance—concussions have taken the forefront in the world of football, but in the way that the discussion of the proper way to build-up arms seems to simmer just under the […]