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Column: Things are coming along swimmingly

I would like to take this time to recognize the Harrison Recreation Swim Team. Recently, the team competed in the Division 6 Championships and took first place. The team also went undefeated this year and, as a result, will be moving to Division 5 for the 2016 season. According to Coach Dottie Klein, the team […]

Column: An Amazin’ week

I hate to admit it, but over the last week or so, I fear that I’ve turned into something of a baseball fraud. The unwritten rules of fandom are pretty cut and dry. You get one team; that’s it. That’s the team you live and die with. But with my Red Sox all but buried […]

Column: Rocks, Rocky and the din in my head

In my younger days, I was known to occasionally frequent Chumley’s, an old speakeasy in the West Village, tucked away on a relatively quiet street, accessed by a secret courtyard entrance. More recently, some abutting neighbors filed a lawsuit and attempted to shut down Chumley’s, alleging that it was too loud for a residential block. […]

Column: Dealing with police use of force in Philly

My first assignment as an assistant district attorney in Philadelphia, a city of two million, was to control the use of force by homicide squad detectives when questioning suspects. The squad was commanded by Capt. James Kelly, whose private office I was to sit in when not out on a case. I don’t imagine this […]

Column: More August projects and changes

As is my custom, this will be my last column until post-Labor Day. Given the time frame, I think it is apropos to highlight village projects and improvement activities that will be taking place within the coming weeks—or in essence, what to expect to see in the village upon your summer return. Village government goes […]

COLUMN: Blast(s) from the past

Maybe I’m just an easy mark, but right now, I can’t get enough of Alex Rodriguez. Prior to the start of the baseball season, I penned a column in which I admitted that, despite my Red Sox fandom—or perhaps because of it—I was rooting for the disgraced Yankees slugger to turn back the clock this […]

Column: Why Rye needs to rein in future costs

I am a big fan of our city’s employees. During my time on the council, I have witnessed firsthand the dedication, expertise and effort that the staff in every department brings to their jobs, helping to make our city run. However, there is one benefit City of Rye employees receive that is likely to eventually […]

Column: Rye over 50 years ago

Fifty-plus years ago there was no Rye City Hall, only a gas station on that side of the Village Green. Most city departments except police and fire were run out of the Square House. To say that our venerable 18th century treasure was under strain would be a huge understatement. The city council also met […]

Column: Support local businesses and be mindful

At the Village Board of Trustees meeting in July, the trustees and I adopted zoning and parking changes with the goal of increasing local shopping, services and dining traffic. On the zoning front, we have updated a process to streamline the course of opening a business in the village. In addition, we expanded the types […]

Column: Teeing off

Amid all the excitement surrounding the PGA Open Championship this past weekend, from the weather delays to Tiger’s drought and the emergence of amateur Paul Dunne, there’s one golf story that may have been overlooked by major media outlets: my return to the links. On Sunday, after nearly a decade away from golf, I once […]