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Column: Harrison was delicious

In furtherance of the paving project on Purchase Street/Route 120, the N.Y. State Department of Transportation’s engineer-in-charge has provided my office with the following updates: On May 21 and May 22, NYS DOT will begin paving operations from Westchester Avenue to the bridge deck. From May 27 to May 30, they will continue their mill-and-fill […]

Column: What am I not going to do?

As I’ve understood it, Chicago is a hell of a town. Let’s hope so. Several weeks ago, we talked about my fascination and wonder with the possibility of an Amtrak residency, wherein a writer was able to ride the rails free of charge so long as she, in addition to any other writing she did, […]

Column: Playing in the now

As a sports fan, sometimes I think my biggest gripe is there’s never enough time to gloat over a big win. Last week, after trailing the Pittsburgh Penguins 3-1 in the Eastern Conference Semifinals, the New York Rangers pulled out an improbable upset, winning three straight games to send the Pens packing and advance to […]

Poetic License

The poet’s job is to find a name for everything. -Jane Kenyon Laments From the chapbook, “Shards,” by Mary Louise Cox   Sometimes in the morning octaves of a flute path my gray-green woods moontoning   Buried sounds chase through me locking mourning into dream scales of silver remembered laments.   “In India the sound […]

Column: Prayers at City Council meetings?

The annual “return-to-the-Square-House” gathering on Wednesday, May 7, drew as large a crowd as I can remember and I have attended each year since the early 1960s. Mayor Sack presided with dignity and finesse. We former mayors were called on for brief remarks, starting with my predecessor, Ed Grainger. I began by saying I thought […]

Column: Mother’s Day has deep roots

After enjoying a very special three-generation Mother’s Day on Sunday, the whole concept and origin of the celebration piqued my interest and lead to fascinating discoveries. Throughout history, mothers have been honored as goddesses or through festivals of celebration, usually in the springtime, recognizing the rebirth of the land and the beginning of the most […]

Column: I do this for the same reasons you do

As a member of the City Council, I regularly get asked one of two questions. First, how do you like being on the City Council? Second, why the heck did you decide to do that? The answer to both questions is essentially the same. Being on the City Council is challenging. We have to consider […]

Column: The streets of Harrison are paved with…asphalt

Recently, my office has been contacted by N.Y. State Department of Transportation’s engineer-in-charge regarding the paving project for Purchase Street/Route 120. I would like to give you an update of the schedule so you can be aware of possible traffic alterations. The contractor is Morano Brothers and they will begin by prepping the area. They […]