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Column: More about Rye’s emergency preparedness

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA, “If available, emergency services personnel are the best trained and equipped to handle emergencies…you should use them. However, following a catastrophic disaster, you and the community may be on your own for a period of time because of the size of the area affected, lost communications, unpassable […]

Column: Looking for a villain

Postseason baseball—especially when one’s team is out of contention—can acquaint a man with strange bedfellows. Maybe that can account for why I spent my Tuesday night watching the Yankees’ Wild Card game in a Red Sox bar with a bunch of Phillies fans. But I have to admit, watching the Bombers end their season on […]

Column: Questions that come my way

    As I am an active member of our community, in addition to being an elected official, I often field questions when I am out and about. Frequent inquiries include: “Why haven’t you discussed this yet?” “What does the mayor think?” “Why did it take you so long to resolve this?” “Why aren’t you […]

Column: We have been warned, time to act

Joaquin gave us fair warning—hurricane season is now upon us. It usually starts in September, and is a little late this year. But we are not yet out of danger just because cool weather seems to have arrived in place of the torrid summer. Suppose Joaquin had turned northwest instead of northeast. How many trees […]

There’s more to life in the ‘burbs

By MARA RUPNERS It’s peaceful here in the ‘burbs. Our nights are filled with the sounds of crickets, not the sounds of traffic horns. We’ve got two or three neighbors, not two or three hundred. We’ve got fresh air, trees and lawns, parking spots for our minivans, a bit of elbow room. Still, our counterparts […]

Column: There’s only one October

If you’re not absolutely tingling with anticipation for next week to arrive, I’m going to have to ask that you renounce your baseball fandom immediately. Yes, we’re finally here. After slogging through a 162-game season, it’s playoff time once again, and I’d be hard-pressed to remember a time when there was as much baseball buzz […]

Column: A pope for the masses

My family includes members of all three major American faiths, therefore we do not judge, lest we be judged. Our late son John Jr. was a Catholic. One of my favorite first cousins is a member of the Order of the Sacred Heart. Thus, we were able to rejoice wholeheartedly in the pope’s ministry here. […]

Column: Defending the Dark Knight

I’ll be completely honest with you: I don’t quite know yet where I stand on Matt Harvey. Unless you have been hiding under a rock for the last two weeks, the saga of the Dark Knight has been unavoidable. With the surging Mets heading for their first postseason berth since 2006, the issue of Harvey […]