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Column:Thank you for your support

I would like to take this opportunity to express my appreciation for the tremendous support I received on Election Day. Thank you for allowing me to serve the residents of Harrison, for another term, as mayor/supervisor on Harrison’s town board. It has been an honor to represent you and I will do my best to […]

Column: Mayor, what’s going on?

The level of activity in the village—construction, paving, striping, and beautification—is currently at an unprecedented level. The stars all seemed to have aligned, creating a great deal of simultaneous activity. Ideally, we would have orderly staggered the projects to minimize congestion, but most of the work is determined by the schedule of the providers. Con […]

Column: Divided allegiances

This past weekend, I was forced to stand by and watch as a team I swore my allegiance to in my youth fell to a superior squad in a postseason elimination game, thus ending a spirited playoff run. Amazingly, I don’t mean the Mets. On Saturday, Oct. 31, despite several intriguing sectional matchups, I headed […]

Column: Debates in name only

As a teenager, I joined my school’s debate team. We had both intramural and interscholastic debates. The format was simple: each side, composed of one to three students, would argue for or against an announced proposition. You had to be prepared to argue either side of the issue. A favorite proposition when I was about […]

Column: Pay-by-phone parking option coming soon

I am pleased to announce that the village will be rolling out a pay-by-phone option for village parking meters beginning early 2016. In preparation, village staff is meeting with constituent groups to explain the mechanics of the new app system. The first of such meetings took place on Oct. 22 with members of our Chamber […]

Column: The legend lives on: Dizzie Gillespie

    By MARA RUPNERS Musicians may pass away, in the physical sense, but they never really leave us. Their legacy lives on in the music they wrote, in their recordings, and in the musicians they played with, trained and inspired. Such is the case with Dizzie Gillespie, who would have celebrated his 98th birthday […]

Column: The controversial trial of Anne Hutchinson

With George Pietarinen, author of “Anne Hutchinson, A Puritan Woman of Courage.” This is the third in a series  of articles on the Colonial and Revolutionary History of Eastchester.   While the Puritans left Europe to escape religious persecution, this did not lead to a belief in tolerance for others. The Puritans, like many true believers, […]

Column: Hidden gems

A few months ago, I was looking through old family photo albums and found incontrovertible proof that I was once an honest-to-goodness Mets fan. I’m not talking about the kind of Mets fan I am today, one who recognizes a great sports narrative after years of suffering, and temporarily shifts his allegiances over to the […]

Column: Parking advice from the past

I was cleaning out a cupboard last week at Village Hall and came across a newspaper from 1939 with a lead article entitled, “What Do We Do About Parking?” I immediately stopped to read the article looking for the elusive answer only to learn the title was rhetorical, not solution-oriented. Issues come and go in […]