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Column: He shoots and everyone scores

I’m always amazed by the power of a grassroots effort. A few local individuals with a great idea fused with limitless passion can affect real change in people’s lives. The story of Backyard Sports Cares is one of those efforts that started in Westchester County in 2007 and now touches the lives of more than […]

Column: Happy birthday, George

Two hundred and eighty-two years ago, this Feb. 22, the father of our country was born and the White Plains Historical Society is throwing him its annual birthday party to celebrate. The festivities will take place at the Jacob Purdy House, one of Washington’s headquarters during the Revolutionary War on Sunday, Feb. 23, from 1 […]

Column: The Renaissance man of New Rochelle

Wikipedia’s definition of a Renaissance man, also known as a polymath, is a person whose expertise spans a significant number of subject areas. In the age of specialization, polymaths are not so easy to find. But find one I did. His name is Alvin Clayton, owner of Alvin & Friends, a contemporary take on Caribbean […]

Column: Off to college? What’s the rush?

Six AP courses with a 4 or better? Check. Sixty hours of community service? Check. SAT, ACT, SAT II? Check, check, check. Varsity letters? Check. Summer internships? Check. Burned out teenager? Double check. It’s no wonder teenagers today get to college exhausted and unfocused, not knowing what they want to study or who they want […]

Brotherly love…of a sport

Unless you have twins, it’s unlikely you’ve experienced more than one child on the same sports team at the same time as there are usually strict requirements regarding age cutoffs. By the time most children reach high school age, many have dropped out of the numerous sports they played in childhood. The distant memories of […]

Column: Living the dream, 50 years later

In August 1963, Martin Luther King, Jr. gave a speech on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial before hundreds of thousands of people calling for peaceful change. He inspired the entire country with four small words, “I have a dream.” In the crowd on that day were students from Manhattanville College, who boarded a bus […]

Column: The antidote to January

I have a love-hate relationship with the month of January. For one thing, it starts with a bang. After the big buildup of the holiday season and all the work it entails, you still have to have something special planned to mark its arrival. My New Year’s Eve celebrations have tended towards the anticlimactic. You […]

Column: My list of the best books of 2013

“Best of” lists are very popular in December and some of my favorites center on books. It’s almost impossible to keep up with who has written what over the course of a year and that’s where the “Best of” lists come in. My Best Books of 2013 list includes books written by some of my […]