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Poetic License: Special Edition

poeticThe following poems were sent to the Mamaroneck Review by a reader in the belief their publication would make the author’s holiday season bright. They are presented in that spirit.

Silver Song and White Clouds

By Jon Billet

A tune falls down from the sky into my golden tea cup.

I drink this heavenly prayer.

It sings a psalm that whisper in my ear.

I listen to the divine song all night long.

I can hear it while I sleep in dream.

The rest of the world can hear it too.

The sun filters a ray that wakens us to a new day.

It lives a life of love.

In cumulus clouds scattered about in lazy skies above.


Suite T’s

By Jon Billet and Molly Dudette

Starlit skies under mountainous highs in the Australian outback.

I grabbed a constellation of stars.

Watch the glass shine in the sun.

The kangaroos hop and the koalas dance to a new beat.

Shuffle tired feet in one hundred sixteen-degree desert heat.

Drive your car as far as The Oasis Bar.

The crossing in the desert is a melting black tar.

A helium balloon circles the red moon in the desert’s hot noon.

I reach for the moon and pull it into my room.

Meteor showers stream to cover my face in my final resting place.


Poetic License: Relaxing

People are always good company when they are doing what they really enjoy.

-Samuel Butler



By Kay McCarrick, guest Poet

I enjoy


on the


in the




to music,

of my



on my


boom box.


Mary Louise Cox, poet laureate of the town and village of Mamaroneck


Poetic License

poeticPoetry refreshes the world.
-Robert Frost

Why I Write
Ella Chinn, student

I write to create
I write about my day
I write about all the feelings I had
I write to calm myself
I write to excite myself.
My life is a story,
I write to continue it.
I write to escape
anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy and joy.
All is experienced in my writing.
I write.

Mary Louise Cox is the poet laureate of the town and village of Mamaroneck


Poetic License

poeticMemory is each person’s poet-in-residence.
-Stanley Kunitz


While priming myself for age
a parenthesis closed
around a potent déjà vu
of suppositions.
This long-term work in progress
began with witty attempts
to create a frame of reference
around the memory of a red wagon
being pulled along a sidewalk.
How can I explain all the distractions
I since have joined?
It is essential now to learn how to play
in this learning center called age.
The red wagon has become difficult
to describe.

Mary Louise Cox, Poet Laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck


Poetic License

Poems can awaken the sleeping imagination.

Wait Watcher

Over time, what have you waited for?
Sunshine or rain?
A train, a plane?
The evening news?
The cat to come home?
A vacation?
A blue moon?
Spring flowers, autumn leaves?
A birthday celebration?
An anniversary?
A new year?
The clock to strike?

Mary Louise Cox, Poet Laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck

Poetic License

Memory is each person’s poet in residence.
Inspired by Stanley Kunitz.


We lift our cups of tea,
stare through veils of steam
at inner landscapes
where time hangs memories
on ragged lines of words.
Emotions swing!
We file new impressions.
We wave the steam away.
We lift our cups of tea again.

Mary Louise Cox, Poet Laureate of the Town and Village of Mamaroneck