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Column: Snacks and a laptop at the library?

This anecdote will come as a complete shock to anyone who can remember when water wasn’t permitted in the library, never mind snacks. Earlier this year, my fifth grade daughter climbed the stairs to the teen section at the Rye library in search of a book for her book club. After helping her find the […]

Column: Questions that come my way

    As I am an active member of our community, in addition to being an elected official, I often field questions when I am out and about. Frequent inquiries include: “Why haven’t you discussed this yet?” “What does the mayor think?” “Why did it take you so long to resolve this?” “Why aren’t you […]

Column: NY Rising, HUD and flood mitigation

In the next few weeks, the City of Rye will have to decide whether to accept a grant from New York Rising for flood mitigation. The program administered by the state is a disaster recovery program that thoroughly and thoughtfully evaluates community needs to identify and provide funding for projects that build community resiliency. The […]

Column: Rocks, Rocky and the din in my head

In my younger days, I was known to occasionally frequent Chumley’s, an old speakeasy in the West Village, tucked away on a relatively quiet street, accessed by a secret courtyard entrance. More recently, some abutting neighbors filed a lawsuit and attempted to shut down Chumley’s, alleging that it was too loud for a residential block. […]

Column: Why Rye needs to rein in future costs

I am a big fan of our city’s employees. During my time on the council, I have witnessed firsthand the dedication, expertise and effort that the staff in every department brings to their jobs, helping to make our city run. However, there is one benefit City of Rye employees receive that is likely to eventually […]

Column: A Healthier Sound Shore

I am constantly amazed at how hard local people work to better the lives of others in our community, especially our children. Last week, I was part of a small group that presented Rye’s new drug and alcohol coalition to the Rye YMCA’s Healthy Sound Shore Coalition at its monthly meeting. Although I have known […]

Column: Some final answers before the budget vote

    Next Tuesday, May 19, the citizens of Rye will vote on the proposed 2015-2016 school budget. This budget maintains the excellent school system we value here in Rye. Over the last several years, the Rye City Board of Education and administration have instituted many cost saving measures: eliminating 61.9 full-time equivalent positions, capturing […]

Column: The need for a historic district in Rye

At this week’s City Council meeting we will consider creating a downtown historic district.  It has been a long path to get to this point, but the creation of historic districts has the potential to provide real benefits to the community. If a historic district is created, owners of historic buildings would be provided with […]

Column: Budget answers you need to know

The 2015-2016 school budget is a big topic around Rye. A few questions seem to come up frequently, so I’d like to take the opportunity to address them here. What does the budget include and why do we need an override? The budget maintains Rye’s educational program. It preserves the academic excellence and rigor our […]