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The cost of doing municipal business

As the trustees and I formulate a capital budget for the next fiscal year, it never ceases to amaze me how wide the cost differential is between specialized commercial grade equipment and what we purchase for personal use. As example, a basic car for use by the police department costs a “normal” $27,000. However, to […]

Column: 2013, it was a very good year

As is custom, the New Year brings thoughts of future plans as well as reflection upon the year just passed. In the village government sp-here, 2013 was a busy and productive year. To recap, as a result of vigilant oversight, we continue to have the fairest property assessments in the county, which is a vital […]

Column: Kensington show finally on the road

After almost three decades of false starts, the trustees and I are so pleased to announce the resurrection of the Kensington Road project. At our December Board of Trustees meeting, we selected Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Conn., to develop the project that was originally approved in 2007. The trustees and I and the ad hoc […]

Column: Breaking down the village budget

At the Board of Trustees December meeting, our village auditors from the firm of O’Connor Davies presented their review of our financial statements for the budget year June 1, 2012, to May 31, 2013. I am pleased to report we are in the best financial shape in recent history. The village received an unqualified opinion, […]

Column: Let’s talk about the wonder of trees

This past fall, the village planted more than 20 street trees—including red maples, lindens and pears—but, given that we lost more than 100 during the past two years of storms, we are clearly playing catch-up. Unfortunately, this number does not even take into account the many lost on private property due to storms or disease […]

Column: What did you just vote for?

As you read this, you may have just colored in your paper ballot circles for election for various county, town and judicial offices, as well as a record six New York State Constitutional Amendments. As a caution, the Amendme­nts were on the flip side of the absentee ballot and very easy to miss. As point […]

Column: Unfunded mandates: Enough is enough

I have been asked to join a panel of New York State mayors to set the state legislative priorities for the upcoming legislative session for our parent organization, the New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials. Though, at times, I have felt it an exercise in futility of late due to inaction on […]