Bronxville school board member resigns


Ruth Wood, a member of Bronxville’s Board of Education, is relocating to England in the coming months, so she has resigned from her position on the board, effective immediately.

Bronxville Board of Education member Ruth Wood stepped down from her position. Her husband is being transferred to London for work. Contributed photo

Bronxville Board of Education member Ruth Wood stepped down from her position. Her husband is being transferred to London for work. Contributed photo

Wood, who was elected last year to serve a three-year term on the board, announced her resignation during the board’s June 19 meeting. Wood will accompany her husband, Ma-
rk, to London after the real estate company he works for, TIAA-CREFF, merged with Henderson Global Investment and created a London-based firm.

Former Board of Education member James Hudson will replace Wood on the school board. Hudson was recently succeeded on the board by Mary J. Giuffra in May’s school board election after choosing not to run. Hudson will serve through the 2014-2015 school year, and a special election to succeed him will be held next year.

“It’s an unexpected move, so we’re just trying to get it all figured out. But it’s an exciting move for our family. It’s going to be an adventure,” Wood, 49, said. “One thing that’s disappointing is I won’t be able to serve out my term. I think I would have been able to make more of an impact if I was here longer.”

Bronxville Board of Education president David Brashear said Wood did make an impact in the year she served, particularly in the school district’s hunt for field space, which has been a limited resource because of renovations to the Eastchester High School field. The issue has created a ripple effect on Tuckahoe and Bronxville’s field situation.

“We’re really sorry Ruth [Wood] is leaving. She’s been a fantastic, outstanding parent throughout her 15 or so years at Bronxville, and she has been a huge asset to our board,” Brashear said. “She, like me, understands all the different challenges our athletic teams have in terms of finding field space, so she has been working diligently with me to uncover where we could park some of these teams for practices.”

Wood is proud of the work she did as part of the school district’s search for field space, and she believes she set a foundation for concrete results in the coming year or two.

“I’ve worked really hard to try to remedy some of the anxiety of setting up lights on the field,” said Wood, referring to the possible addition of lights to the Bronxville High School field; an idea met with resistance from some neighbors. “I put in some good time, and I think something will come up soon. [Brashear] and I spent most of the time trying to figure this situation out.”

Wood raised four children in the Bronxville School, one of which graduated, and she was involved in the school throughout their time in the district. Wood started her volunteer work with the school as a class parent in the elementary school and then served on the Parent Teacher Association in the high school until she was elected to the Board of Education in 2013.

While she was on the board, Wood worked as the PTA liaison in addition to spearheading the field search with Brashear.

“The one thing I’m going to miss is Bronxville and being on this board,” Wood said. “It’s nice to be part of such a professional group of people that want to make our school better, and no one is there for any other reason. I really am going to miss them.”