Bronxville police chief joins PBA dental, optical plan

Bronxville police chief joins PBA dental, optical plan


Bronxville police chief joins PBA dental, optical plan

At the request of the village labor counsel, members of the Bronxville Board of Trustees agreed to swap Police Chief Christopher Satriale’s current dental and optical benefits package for one provided by the Bronxville Police Taylor Act Committee, a local chapter of the PBA union.

While not a union member himself, Satriale said the decision to switch plans originated in recent negotiations with the union, wherein the village and PBA committee agreed to terms on a contract.
“It’s a contractual issue,” Satriale said. “It needed to be done separately because I am the head of a department.”

According to village officials Satriale, as the manager of the police department, is excluded from union membership by law, but is eligible to receive limited participation in the union’s dental and optical benefits plans, which were independently obtained by the PBA for its bargaining unit members.
“This should have no net impact to village finances,” said Village Trustee Robert Underhill, a Republican.

By approving the switch from the village’s plan, administered through POMCO—a benefits administrator for self-funded health and risk management plans—to the PBA’s dental and optical insurance plan, Satriale will actually save the village money each fiscal quarter.

Based on the terms of the agreement, the village plans to pay $325 to the PBA union during each fiscal quarter to provide Chief Satriale and any eligible dependents with dental and optical insurance.

According to Village Admin­istrator Harold Porr, III, both the village and the PBA insurance plans are paid out as they are used. However, when compared to its previous obligation, the inclusion of the chief of police into the PBA’s insurance plans would ultimately provide a marginal savings for the village.

“It should actually serve to benefit the village,” Porr said.

Although Porr said he anticipates the savings will amount to only a few dollars each fiscal quarter, or a couple hundred dollars a year, the inclusion of Satriale to the PBA’s plans would help save the village money, as opposed to the previous obligation.

Village Treasurer Robert Fels said the village’s dental and optical insurance plan requires employees pay $1,500 per enrollee, up to the maximum of $6,000. This means, in order for dependents to receive the dental and optical benefits, the employee would need to pay $1,500 for each additional person.

Unlike the plan provided by POMCO, the PBA-sponsored insurance does not require an employee pay for each individual dependent. Additionally, because the PBA’s dental and optical plan is at the discretion of union leadership, village officials were unable to disclose the union’s insurance provider, as of press time.
“At most, the cost will be $1,500 a year instead of per person,” Fels said.

Although Porr feels the cost saving strategy will yield small savings for the village, Fels said that, by switching providers, Bronxville could potentially save hundreds and even as much as a couple thousand
dollars a year.