Former Rye Golf Club manager Scott Yandrasevich was arraigned May 9 on 11 felony charges. Ten new charges of falsifying business records were added to his previous single felony charge of second degree grand larceny. A Westchester grand jury has indicted Yandrasevich on all charges. File photo

BREAKING: Yandrasevich indicted; new charges added

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Former Rye Golf Club general manager Scott Yandrasevich was arraigned in county court May 9, adding 10 new felony charges to his previous single charge of felony grand larceny.
A Westchester County grand jury has indicted Yandrasevich on all charges.
Yandrasevich, who now faces 15 years in state prison, resigned as golf club manager in January 2013 after allegations surfaced he was stealing membership dues from the city-run club.
He pled not guilty to all charges.
Ten first-degree counts of falsifying business records, an E felony, were added to the second degree grand larceny charge, a C felony, filed against him in Rye City Court on Nov. 19, 2013.
As a result of the district attorney’s continuing investigation into the alleged theft, the 11-charge indictment adds an additional $71,000 to the $271,000 cited as stolen in the DA’s original larceny charge.
Assistant District Attorney Brian Conway said the DA’s investigation, ongoing since November 2013, has revealed that, between April 2007 and Aug. 20, 2013, Yandrasevich, 49, made off with approximately $342,120 in member dues by creating and submitting false invoices for fictitious employees using a shell staffing company he created called RM Staffing and Events, Inc.
“He held a position of trust in the city…and he violated that trust,” Conway said.
The DA’s case was presented to the grand jury last month.
Over a span of more than 100 pay periods, Yandrasevich allegedly took the money the city paid out to RM Staffing, which he “effectively controlled,” and designated it for his personal use, according to the district attorney.
At the May 9 court appearance, Conway requested bail be raised from $10,000, which has been paid, to $100,000 because the DA believes the defendant is a flight risk. He argued Yandrasevich now has “no ties to the community,” and that there is “a significant likelihood he will be convicted and go to state prison.”
But Yandrasevich’s attorney, Kerry Lawrence of the White Plains-based firm Calhoun & Lawrence, said raising bail is a punitive measure against his client, who now lives and works in Danbury, Conn. He said the Yandrasevich family is currently in dire financial straits.
“He is anxious to stand up and vindicate himself in a trial,” Lawrence said of Yandrasevich.
The allegations of financial fraud against the former general manager surfaced in October 2012, when golf club members began to notice suspicious accounting of purchase orders and invoices.
The city hired Brune and Richard, a New York City-based investigative law firm, and sent its final Feb. 27, 2013, report implicating Yandrasevich to the district attorney’s office.
According to DA spokesman Lucien Chalfen, the investigation will continue going forward.
Yandrasevich is expected back in court on May 21 for a preliminary conference.
If convicted on the larceny charge, Yandrasevich will face a maximum sentence of 15 years in state prison. The charges of falsifying business records carry a sentence of up to four years, which, if convicted, Yandrasevich may be able to serve concurrently.