Breaking: Village files injunction against Hampshire

Following continued alleged violations of the Village of Mamaroneck zoning code by Hampshire Country Club, the village has filed an injunction against the club in order to prohibit them from conducting any commercial or recreational activities and a permanent stop on conducting non-member events.

Before the village moved to restrict the private club, critics of Hampshire alleged zoning code violations dating back to this past summer.

According to documents obtained by The Mamaroneck Review, two separate cases were filed; one in the Village of Mamaroneck Justice Court and the other with the New York Supreme Court in White Plains. Documents from the village court case have not yet become available.

Documents submitted to the state Supreme Court on Nov. 15 state that Hampshire Club, located at 1107 Cove Road, has failed to file a required not-for-profit IRS Form 990 with the village, failed to provide documentation to the village that the club is owned by non-profit Hampshire club as opposed to Hampshire Recreation, a for-profit entity, and hasn’t obtained a special permit in order to hold non-member events on the premises.

A filing with the Supreme Court was necessary to prohibit the club from making similar violations in the future; the village Justice Court does not have the authority to do so.

Essentially, the violations outlined in the court documents are issues to which club critics and concerned groups, including the Mamaroneck Coastal Environmental Coalition, have attempted to call attention for months.

Hampshire is located within a marine recreation zone, an area which, as outlined by the zoning code, is for not-for-profit membership clubs only.

Village Fire Inspector William Ciraco submitted an order to remedy to the club on Sept. 21, stating that Hampshire did not have a special permit to hold non-member events, as required by the village.

A summons outlining the violations was submitted to Hampshire, and now the club must respond within the next month.

-Reporting by Ashley Helms