Tower of Shoes at Walin & Wolff. Photos/Lindsay Sturman

Bargains, tradition at Rye sidewalk sale

Tower of Shoes at Walin & Wolff. Photos/Lindsay Sturman

Tower of Shoes at Walin & Wolff. Photos/Lindsay Sturman

Purchase Street was packed last week when the annual Rye sidewalk sale returned bigger than ever.

Businesses and residents alike lined the streets to promote trade and community. Twinkle Toes and Wish owner Denise MacDonald said she likes the sidewalk sale because “it brings festivity to the street.”

MacDonald has participated in the sidewalk sale for the past 12 years. She said it helped her business thrive over the years.

“[It’s a] good chance to get rid of merchandise, and customers get the chance to buy quality products at a good price,” she said.

Companies from Connecticut, New Jersey and even businesses without a storefront brought diversity to the sale.

Charlene Nixon had a stand at the sale to represent her rising business, Nerium, a skin care product. Nixon’s started her company three years ago and has had $400 million in sales in the U.S. She was excited to join the sidewalk sale.

“It creates visibility and community,” Nixon said.

A group of girls looks for some new jewelry.

A group of girls looks for some new jewelry.

Lousia McTurner, owner of Weezy D with locations in both Rye and Bronxville, said the sidewalk sale is a great way to draw in business for both stores.

“[The clients] use the sale to get a preview of our fall collection with a discount,” McTurner said. She said the sale helps generates new clients and brings old clients in for the discounts.

There were also some familiar Rye businesses at the sale that have been around for decades.

Carpet Trends is one such business. Owner Robert Rodgers said, “My grandparents and my father started the business in 1956, and then it got passed down to me.”

Rodgers has been a participant in the sidewalk sale since its beginning in 1975, alongside Margaret Ricketts, president of the Rye Chamber of Commerce.

“We used to bring scraps, but now we bring out our entire inventory and we tend to keep it up until Aug. 15th, so about three weeks,” Rodgers said.

The sidewalk sale proves in a small city like Rye that it’s not just for promoting business, it’s for the community as well.

Rye resident Tracey Forte loves coming to the annual sale.

“I like to get a good deal and get to see everyone from the town which is nice,” she said.

-Reporting by Conor McKoy and Taylor Khan