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Rye, Mamaroneck move toward deer archers

By Sarah Varney At a second meeting of the joint Mamaroneck and Rye Deer Commission held on Sept. 25, Rye Mayor Joe Sack and Mamaroneck Mayor Norman Rosenblum, both Republicans, expressed that they intend to move forward with a bow hunting solution to cull the neighboring deer herd. Rosenblum hosted the meeting, which was held […]

Town justice’s DWI case delayed

Harrison Town Justice Marc Lust’s DWI case has been delayed until Nov. 17 in Manhattan Criminal Court, two weeks after residents decide whether or not to re-elect him. Lust was set to appear in court on Thursday, Sept. 24. According to Andrew Quinn, Lust’s attorney, the delay was requested by the state. “The district attorney’s […]

Kensington Road lawsuit settled

By JOHN BRANDI The development company behind the Kensington Road condominium project, currently in the construction phase, has settled with a fair housing nonprofit and is expected to make changes to its marketing effort and certain elements of the project’s design, United States District Court papers reveal.  Westchester Residential Opportunities, Inc., a fair housing nonprofit, […]

Rye hesitant to accept $3M in N.Y. Rising grants

By James Pero In the upcoming weeks, the Rye City Council will make a decision about whether to reject or accept $3 million in federal grants from New York Rising, a statewide organization formed after Hurricane Sandy meant to help New York municipalities rebuild and improve their communities. The grants, aimed to improve the city’s […]

A simple reminder of how and why we matter

By HOWARD Sturman Several weeks ago, I accompanied one of our salespeople to the office of the advertising director of a giant retailer. In and of itself, getting the appointment was a big deal; if we could convince him to advertise with us, it would be an even bigger deal.  Although I firmly believe in […]

Rally calls attention to maternity care

By Sibylla Chipaziwa If you happened to drive near Harbor Island Park this past Labor Day, you may have noticed a small group holding up signs like “Honk if you have a mother” or “Evidence-based care.”  This had nothing to do with abortion, as some passersby may have thought. Instead, this was one of many […]

There’s more to life in the ‘burbs

By MARA RUPNERS It’s peaceful here in the ‘burbs. Our nights are filled with the sounds of crickets, not the sounds of traffic horns. We’ve got two or three neighbors, not two or three hundred. We’ve got fresh air, trees and lawns, parking spots for our minivans, a bit of elbow room. Still, our counterparts […]

Letter: Legislation needed to protect our residents

  To the Editor, At the final Rye City Council hearing on rock chipping, council members seemed reluctant to pass legislation strong enough to restore our community’s peace and quiet. Instead, they seemed ready to favor the interests of builders over the interests of Rye residents. However, strong rules will protect all residents from deafening […]