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Column: Our library is a jewel of the community

While walking home from Village Hall this week, I crossed at the library corner and realized what a gem, and a sometimes hidden gem, we have in this institution. Begun as a reading room in 1875, our formal library has been in its current home since 1942. Our library, thanks to an innovative director, a […]

Column: Breaking down this year’s budget

The trustees and I approved both a capital budget and a 2014-2015 operating budget at the April Board of Trustees meeting. Both reflect the changing face of the economy and the village in 2014. Our capital budget of $3.5 million, almost $1 million more than our last capital outlay, reflects the realization of a 100-year-old […]

Column: Emerging from our long, cruel winter

As spring weather will hopefully grace the village soon, it is time to put the shovels away and think about plants and lawns and green. On the municipal level, the village continues to care for all lawns and open spaces by mulching in place, leaving grass clippings as fertilizer and keeping all of our properties […]

Column: Moving forward on Kensington Road

This past week, on behalf of the Village of Bronxville, I officially signed the agreement to develop the Kensington Road property by Fareri Associates of Greenwich, Conn. Believe it or not, development of this property has been 30 years in the making with several false starts. Probably the last blighted piece of property in the […]

Column: State interference is crushing local governments

Governor Cuomo has announced a two-year property tax freeze as a hallmark of his 2014 agenda, but it is facing growing opposition from both political parties, school districts and local governments as well as the non-partisan New York State Conference of Mayors and Municipal Officials. The two-year tax freeze is for individuals‑outside of New York […]

Column: Capital improvements are on the way

The trustees and I just concluded a six-week process that resulted in a new capital budget for the Village of Bronxville that totals $3.5 million. Each year, the village writes a five-year capital improvement program. The annual program builds upon past programs and also tries to predict village capital needs going forward for the next […]

Column: We’re getting squeezed from all sides over here

At the February monthly meeting, the trustees acted on a myriad of substantive issues in the areas of taxes, public works and public utilities. The board joined a consortium with neighboring communities—which includes New Rochelle, Eastchester, Ardsley, Tuckahoe, Dobbs Ferry, Hastings, Pelham and Pelham Manor—to challenge a proposed astronomical raise in water cost and hydrant […]

Column: Just the FAQs

This week’s column will serve as a compilation of some of the most frequently asked questions to Village Hall staffers as well as reminders and clarification of certain time sensitive village procedures. Coming on the heels of two snowstorms, it is the opportune time to remind residents and merchants of the rules for safe passage […]

The cost of doing municipal business

As the trustees and I formulate a capital budget for the next fiscal year, it never ceases to amaze me how wide the cost differential is between specialized commercial grade equipment and what we purchase for personal use. As example, a basic car for use by the police department costs a “normal” $27,000. However, to […]