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The importance of shopping locally

August was a quiet and relaxing month—good for our government and residents, but not our merchants. They are hoping for a needed robust fall as we all make school and holiday purchases. Bronxville is not an easy place to open a business and many of our merchants committed to us with their life savings—we have […]

Combating alcohol in our community

The following is information I found extremely helpful when the mother of a teen. I thought it worth synthesizing and reiterating as I know I operated under misconceptions as to legal ramifications as it was not immediately intuitive, yet the consequences can be quite far reaching. The Westchester County Legislature has a law dealing with […]

Column: Doing our part to be green

The village’s active and dedicated Green Committee has organized the fourth village-wide recycling event. So named “Take Back Day,” on this Saturday, Oct. 25 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m., one can bring items to the Bronxville Elementary School parking lot on Midland Avenue. Items accepted for recycling include any electronic devices, clean linens, sheets […]

Column: Doing what we can to help the downtown

As the holiday season fast approaches, our business district still has a distressing number of empty store fronts. To truly understand the current situation, I sought to gain the landlord/owner perspective. As an overview, the vacancy factor in Westchester County is currently between 5 percent and 6.2 percent. Some Bronxville landlords have 100 percent occupancy […]

Parking woes are only temporary

Due to the long awaited start of the Kensington Road project and the receipt of a federal grant to renovate the Garden Avenue lot, parking has taken center stage at Village Hall. To recap, the village displaced merchants, commuting residents and residents needing 24-hour parking from the Kensington lot. This was a difficult task. The […]

Column: Albany needs to chip in

The mantra from Albany the past few years has been the 2 percent tax cap. Very, very clever as a political tool, it proved to be the height of hypocrisy. There isn’t a single municipality that is expanding their services anywhere near the rate of 2 percent annually. Rather, we are laying off staffers and […]

Column: The village will miss you, Rocco

As is custom, this will be my final column until post Labor Day and it is bittersweet. As I introduce you to our new village treasurer, Lori Voss, I will also be saying farewell to our superintendent of public works, Rocco Circosta, who has been a beloved village presence for the past 10 years. It […]

Column: The logistics of parking in a changing village

On June 24, we had a very productive meeting with residents impacted by the Kensington Road development project. We listened to the concerns of those who are the boots on the ground and made changes to our parking/construction roll-out plans. Meetings of this sort demonstrate our community at its best, providing a cordial free flow […]

Column: Everything’s coming up infrastructure

This summer, activity at Village Hall defies the traditional quiet of past years as we embark on a myriad of infrastructure projects. The Garden Avenue parking lot flood mitigation project is well underway and on schedule. Funded primarily with a grant award from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, the project involves the construction of […]