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Column: Support local businesses and be mindful

At the Village Board of Trustees meeting in July, the trustees and I adopted zoning and parking changes with the goal of increasing local shopping, services and dining traffic. On the zoning front, we have updated a process to streamline the course of opening a business in the village. In addition, we expanded the types […]

Column: New parking initiatives in the works for August

For the past year, village staff have undertaken an extensive review of our parking inventory with the goals of encouraging more space turnover to increase retail business, making meters more understandable, customer friendly and technologically advanced and adding a level of uniformity and consistency to the entire parking matrix. Using these goals as our template, […]

Column: The history behind the Fourth of July

The recent holiday weekend prompted me to reread the Declaration of Independence. Its true brilliance and timeless nature never ceases to fill me with awe and pride. Many communities have a public reading of the document at some point over the holiday weekend. I believe this tradition is something worth pursuing for our village. The […]

Column: An unfortunate incident at graduation

Last week the trustees and I reacted to an incident occurring at the very end of the beautiful high school graduation festivities. The unacceptable behavior was directed at our police and frankly its importance was not how many chanted or who else heard it, rather that our police officers in cars at both the beginning […]

Column: Services to take advantage of this summer

With the school year coming to a close, many organizations also end for the summer months lessening the activity throughout the village. The same cannot be said here at Village Hall. Many residents use the opportunity to avail themselves of village services now that their schedules have also cleared somewhat. The following is a thumbnail […]

Column: Summer tips for Bronxville residents

This week’s column is season specific as the school year comes to a close and many begin to prepare for summer vacations. With many residents traveling for extended periods of time, it is important that one’s home looks occupied.  Even when mail is stopped, Pennysavers and phone books left in the driveway are a telltale […]

Column: The beauty and history of Westchester

After the beautiful weekend we just enjoyed, I was prompted to reflect upon how fortunate we are to live in Westchester County. We constantly hear the mantra that we live in the highest taxed county in the country with very expensive day-to-day necessities as well as home prices. All true. (As an illustrative anecdote, in […]

Column: March with us on Memorial Day

At this year’s—our 95th annual Memorial Day Parade, we are reviving a tradition of asking our village veterans to march with us. The village has no organized veterans associations, unlike the American Legion Post and VFW in neighboring Eastchester, whose members have long joined us in our parade. We hope this year to combine forces […]