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Column: D-Day and after

When our troops landed early in June 1944 on the Normandy beaches, my ship, the U.S.S. Loy, was headed away from the shores of France, not toward them. We spent the last few months off the French coast, trying to destroy German subs as they left from, or returned to, their bases on the Bay […]

Column: Are we ready for September storms?

They say Memorial Day starts the summer, and they say Labor Day ends it. But I think summer ends with the last of the September storms. It seems as if the weather calms down after Sept. 21, the official end of summer. I recall vividly the disastrous hurricane of 1938, which wrecked such havoc on […]

Column: Prayers at City Council meetings?

The annual “return-to-the-Square-House” gathering on Wednesday, May 7, drew as large a crowd as I can remember and I have attended each year since the early 1960s. Mayor Sack presided with dignity and finesse. We former mayors were called on for brief remarks, starting with my predecessor, Ed Grainger. I began by saying I thought […]

Column: Wheels of justice grinding slowly

Gerry Adams, 65 years old and head of Sinn Féin, was arrested last week in connection with the 1972 unsolved murder of a 37-year-old widow and mother of 10. Evidently, there is no statute of limitations for murder in that jurisdiction, no period of time, however long, after which one can no longer be prosecuted. […]

Column: Port Chester’s massive project next door

Good-bye United Hospital, hello Southern Gateway mixed use district. This sweeping change is bound to cause mixed feelings for those of us who left part of our anatomy at United, and to cause concern for those who live in northeast Rye. The attached map shows what is planned just across the border, a “Southern Gateway […]

Column: Enjoying a gorgeous spring

While complaining about UN bashing, or Putin’s greedy grasp, or whatever else may be aggravating us, we must rejoice and give thanks for the remarkably beautiful weather we in the northeast have enjoyed during the Passover/Easter season. Such a relief after an unpleasant winter! Seldom have the daffodils or forsythias been more brilliant in their […]

COLUMN: Guest column: Ukraine, Russia and ourselves

The author of this week’s column, Patrick J. Flood, is a retired U.S. Foreign Service officer with extensive experience in eastern Europe and with east-west relations and international human rights affairs. Following his Department of State career, he taught at universities in Hungary and Ukraine as well as in the U.S. Here are some of […]

Column: Warmer weather at last

Now that the first robin has hopped across the lawn, where a sprout of green grass can at last be seen, and even while we await the overdue forsythia blossoms with their golden brilliance, we can rejoice it was no colder than it actually was since winter began in December. But also overdue is a […]