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Column: Palestinians join the ICC

The New York Times on April 2 published on page A4 an article entitled “Palestinians Join International Criminal Court, and Tread Lightly at First.” The sub-title was, “No immediate request to look into cases that may implicate Israeli Officials.” The co-authors suggest that the Palestinian leadership is not immediately looking for prosecution of Israelis but […]

Column: Cockpits: locked or not, tragedy can strike

    We have seen in the Germanwings crash what terrible tragedy a locked cockpit door can cause at the hands of an insider/turncoat hijacker. And we saw in the enormous disaster where unlocked cockpit doors gave access to the controls of hijacked planes. In recent days we have been reminded that since American cockpit […]

Column: Zero-sum game with the $20 bill?

Gail Collins in her New York Times op-ed piece on March 21 urged removing Andrew Jackson’s face from our $20 bill in favor of a yet-to-determined American heroine. Fortunately, there is room for both the lady and the president. Bear with me, please, while I take you around Robin Hood’s barn before getting to the […]

Column: Use of force by Rye police

While we know that photos can be altered, Rye is very lucky that the battered face on page one of the March 13 Rye City Review is a white face and not a black or brown face. If it had been black or brown, the boy’s image would have been splashed across media far and […]

Column: Apple triumphant; Kaypro also ran

So, Apple has joined the Dow Industrials price index, ousting the venerable AT&T from its position in that exclusive club. Apple has come a long way since it launched its Apple II small computer in the early 1980s. I was tempted by the Apple II, but there was a competitor, the Kaypro II, and I […]

Column: ISIS: What’s in a name?

President Obama has been chided of late for not using a phrase like “Islamic extremists” to describe those who call themselves by the Arabic equivalent of “Islamic State.” He apparently does not want to lend credence to the notion that those extremists are, or behave in a fashion that can accurately be called “Islamic.” I […]

Column: How we remember our presidents

When I was a boy, we celebrated President Lincoln’s birthday on Feb. 12, the actual date of his birth; and we celebrated President Washington’s birthday on Feb. 22, his actual date of birth. Of the two dates, the 22nd was the one more likely to be taken off from school or work. Nowadays, you hardly […]

Column: Cold weather, Soviet style

The late writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn made the world aware of punishment in a Soviet gulag when he issued “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovitch.” As I recall the story, Ivan is not sure why he was detained in the first place. But he is now doing a multi-year sentence in frigid Siberia. Despite […]

Column: Who controls city speech

Cities can speak with various voices. They can speak formally, through ordinances or resolutions. They can speak through actions, such as choosing to enforce or not enforce rules. They can speak by following one or another policy. Not very often does city speech figure explicitly in judicial decisions. But it happened last month in a […]