Amelio, Cannella earn Conservative berths

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Marlene Amelio, Joseph Cannella

Campaign season is in full-effect in the Town/Village of Harrison as the five incumbent town officials seeking re-election—including the mayor, two councilpersons, town clerk and receiver of taxes—prepare to face the all-female Democratic slate in the upcoming November 2013 general elections.
In July, the Harrison Conservat­ive Committee made their endorsements, choosing only four candidates, leaving Republican Councilwoman Marlene Amelio as the proverbial odd man out. In response, Amelio filed an opportunity-to-ballot petition, allowing her to primary for the Conservative ticket as a write-in candidate.

Although write-in ballots for candidates running in the Sept. 10 primaries are still being tallied, the county Board of Elections reports Amelio received 51 write-in votes, securing her place on the Conservative Party line this November. Running unopposed, Amelio only needed as much as a single write-in vote to secure her third party candidacy. election_circle1

“I am deeply grateful to those members of the Conservative Party who took the time from their busy schedules to come out and support my bid for the Conservative line as a write-in candidate,” Amelio said. “I truly believe that it was unfortunate that I was forced to run in an uncontested primary as opposed to receiving the endorsement based on my record since entering office.”

In addition, fellow incumbent Councilman Joseph Cannella, a Republican, will also appear on the Conservative ticket this November. Despite receiving the endorsement of the Conservative Party, Cannella also won in a primary, taking 100 percent of the ballot-based votes. Based on the unofficial tallies, Cannella received a total of 44 votes from registered Conservatives in the town’s 20 voting districts.